‘0 mouth’ Everton, Isco, who emerged as the last hope… But the reason for the refusal

Everton fell into the relegation zone of the English Premier League (EPL) and sacked manager Frank Lampard and appointed manager Sean Dyche. However, in the transfer market in January, Anthony Gordon was only given to Newcastle United, and there was no reinforcement at all. Currently, it is considered as the team most likely to be relegated. 스포츠토토

A free agent (FA) can be recruited even if the transfer market is closed, and Isco is a representative player. Isco left Sevilla in December last year and became a free agent. It was announced that he would join Germany’s Union Berlin, but he went through a commotion where he canceled it after announcing it.

Isco was a special prospect in charge of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid in the past. Although his performance has recently plummeted, it seems to be a player worth recruiting as the next best option for a team that has suffered a power outage in the winter transfer market.

However, British daily newspaper ‘The Independent’ reported that Everton manager Sean Dyche is not planning to sign Isco. At one time, it was on the list of possible recruits, but coach Daichi agreed with the club to rule out Isco. This is because of the analysis that Isco, who is weak and dependent on technology, will have a hard time playing in England.

It is known that coach Daichi plans to raise the organizational power of the current members and challenge the retention rather than rushing to recruit players.

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