30s, failure in the EPL…’Why this player?’ Why was Ten Hagh chosen?

Why did director Eric ten Haag drop Boot Verhost?

Manchester United has been looking for a new striker since the summer. At the time, the team had Cristiano Ronaldo, but they wanted a long-term replacement for Ronaldo. Darwin Núñez, Cody Gakpo and Marco Arnautovic emerged as potential candidates, but eventually United went into the season without signing a striker in the summer transfer window. Fortunately, Marcus Rashford, whom Ten Hag regards as the center of the new project, is playing well and is responsible for the team’s attack.

Nonetheless, coach Ten Hag wanted to sign a striker. Rashford is a side resource, and the idea was that a professional striker should be in the team. The need grew even more when Ronaldo left the team during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Several players, including World Cup star Gonzalo Hamus, have been mentioned, but recently the atmosphere is leaning towards Verhost.

Verhost, who was on loan at Beşiktaş, is known to have said goodbye to Beşiktaş fans after winning a recent game. The possibility of Verhost’s Manchester United rental was evaluated even higher because it coincided with the timing of the Manchester United rental rumor. 안전놀이터

There is also a look of suspicion. This is because Verhost did not succeed at Burnley and left for Besiktas to play. Even at the age of 30. There are quite a few people who have already had doubts about whether a striker of his age, who has already failed in England once, can adapt to Manchester United. But manager Ten Haag doesn’t seem to want to change his mind.

Why is it Berhost? It was analyzed by the British ‘BBC’.

First of all, it is a decent score. Although underperforming at Burnley, the ‘BBC’ highlighted that Verhostt scored 70 goals in 144 appearances for Wolfsburg and 45 goals in 86 appearances for AZ Alkmaar. He also mentioned scoring twice as a substitute in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. It is difficult to say that scoring ability itself is not good.

Renée Mullestine, who served as an assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson during Manchester United’s golden years, told the story. Mullestine said: “Verhost is different. That’s why Ten Hag chose him. He can show what other Manchester United players don’t have. He’s tall, he can use the ball in the box, and he’s good at linking play. He has determination and , He is a hard-working fighter type of player,” he said, evaluating Verhost.

In addition, there is also an analysis that Berhost’s ability to actively participate in pressure will fit well with coach Ten Hag’s tactics.

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