‘5 people, 5 colors’ BNK Some, not Kim Han-byeol’s team, confirms 2nd place

BNK Some confirmed the 2nd place thanks to the performances of the main players who played alternately.

Busan BNK Some won 83-76 in a match against Bucheon Hanawon Q in the 6th round of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 27th. With one game left, 2nd place was confirmed (Secure 2nd place with opponent’s overall advantage). The season record is 17 wins and 12 losses.

BNK Some operated a six-person rotation throughout the 2022-2023 season. Five players were included in the top 20 in playing time, including the game that day. Ahn Hye-ji (164 cm, G) – Lee So-hee (170 cm, G) – Jin An (181 cm, C) are ranked 1st, 2nd, and 5th, respectively.

BNK Somem’s pace in the second half had to go back and forth. Lee Sa-bin (174cm, G) and Kim Min-ah (170cm, G) were also often used, but the playing time per game was less than 10 minutes.

BNK Some, who had risen to 2nd place alone, was once pushed down to 4th place. The colon of Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) was also a big hit. Kim Han-byeol, who missed only two games until the fourth round, took two games off in the fifth round.

With the absence of Kim Han-byul, BNK Some’s attack came to a standstill. Jinan, who improved his condition, struggled, but the performances of Lee So-hee and Ahn Hye-ji fluctuated.

However, with Kim Han-byul, who has returned in good health, BNK Some is taking off again. He won 4 consecutive victories without hesitation and secured 2nd place on his own.

BNK Some had to win the game that day to confirm the 2nd place. Park Jung-eun, coach of BNK SUM, said, “Hana 1Q played a good game against Shinhan Bank. In the match against Hana 1Q, we were bitten in the beginning. We explained the reason to the players. We came out with a lot of care.”

Even so, Hana 1Q’s attack could not be stopped. They allowed 24 points in the first quarter alone, and gave up double-digit points to Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G).

In addition, Jinan left the court with an injury at 2 minutes and 46 seconds in the first quarter. The crown of the head was torn. Jinan was necessary to attack Hana 1Q’s weak point, the absence of a power forward. The absence of Jin An increased the burden on Kim Han-byul.

Kim Han-byul, who only tried 3 field goals in the first quarter, was in full swing in the second quarter. He made all three field goals, including one three-point shot.

However, he conceded as much as BNK Sum scored. Yang In-young (184cm, C)’s post movement helplessly allowed 11 points. The first half ended with a 7-point lead. 먹튀검증

The players who led the third quarter of BNK Some were Kim Min-ah and Ahn Hye-ji. Mina Kim came out as a new stealer with two 3-point shots in a situation where she was pushed by 14 points. Ahn Hye-ji, who played consistently throughout the game, also hit a buzzer-beater 3-pointer.

However, the score difference was still 7 points. Jinan’s fighting spirit, which returned after having his crown sewn at the hospital, did not bring about a change in mood.

BNK Ssum awakened in earnest in the 4th quarter. The factor that brought about a reversal of the atmosphere was the control of the air supply.

BNK Sum overpowered 13-3 in the 4th quarter rebound. The height of Jinan, who kicked off 6 rebounds, was brilliant.

Lee So-hee, who only scored 4 points, 2 assists and 1 steal until the 3rd quarter, also exploded. He not only led the chase, but also made ties and reverses. The match went into overtime.

Extension was BNK Some’s solo stage. Kim Han-byeol and Lee So-hee’s consecutive goals and Ahn Hye-ji’s explosive drive-in took the lead.

The player who scored the final blow was Han Eom-ji (180cm, F). Han Eom-ji, who scored only 2 points in regular time, scored a series of points that widened the 3-point advantage to 7 points. It was a score that confirmed second place.

Coach Park Jeong-eun expressed his opinion after the game, “(We) cannot produce good results just because one player is good. All players must play their role well.” Kim Han-byeol also said, “There are many talented young players on our team. I just need to do it when it’s important. Young players are doing well.”

BNK Somem overcame a high degree of starting pitcher and finished in second place. It was because five players had five colors.

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