After the Guam camp, Lotte selects players and goes to Ishigaki, Japan! Manager Sutton: “I’m going to improve my game now”

The Lotte Giants, who finished their first spring camp in Guam, will move to Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and begin their second round of practice-oriented training.

From the 1st to the 18th, Lotte held the first camp focusing on basic skills and physical training at Dede Stadium and Paseo Stadium in Guam. After temporarily returning to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 19th, I will pack up again and leave for Ishigaki on the morning of the 20th. In Ishigaki, two practice games are scheduled for the 22nd and 24th against the Chiba Lotte Marines of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Lotte coach Larry Sutton said, “I am happy that the Guam camp was successfully completed. It achieved its goal of physically preparing the players for the upcoming competition in Japan. We trained with a focus on details for each part,” he said. 스포츠토토

Lotte selected players prior to the second camp. On the 19th, 11 members, including Kim Do-gyu, Lee Min-seok, Jung Sung-jong, Jin Seung-hyun, Cha Woo-chan, Choi Lee-joon (Choi Geon before renaming), Choi Jun-yong (Lee Sang-yong pitcher), Kang Tae-yul (catcher), Kim Se-min, Kim Joo-hyeon (Lee Sang-yong infielder), and Choi Min-jae (outfielder), returned to Korea on the 19th and spent the day. After taking a break, on the 21st, he joins the Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae, where the Futures (second team) team camp is set up. Among them, Choi Yi-joon was injured by his maternal grandmother and returned to Korea before the other players.

Initially, Lotte started the first camp with a large team of 47 players. In the 2nd and 3rd camps focused on actual combat, it is efficient to focus on the number of people who will play in the game as much as possible. On the 17th, 5 players were selected, namely Wontak Na, Taeyeon Lee (pitcher), Taeyang Han (infielder), Dooseong Jang, and Sejin Cho (outfielder). Lotte, who has reduced his size, takes 31 people to the 2nd camp and 36 people to the 3rd camp. An official from Lotte explained, “From the second field training in Japan, we focused on players who will compete in real life considering their condition.”

There are also additional people joining. Koo Seung-min, who used to build his body in Korea, joins from the second camp. Choi Jun-yong, who was left out of the roster for the 2nd camp, joins the 3rd camp. Unlike athletes who have been pushed out of the competition or focused on rehabilitation, there are no special issues such as injuries. In the 3rd camp, four more pitchers, including playing coach Jeong Tae-seung and Choi Jun-yong, will join. Lotte will move to the main island of Okinawa on the 27th, play a practice game with KBO League teams, and return home on March 7th.

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