Australia’s sluggish third baseman, 13 billion → 5,000, Baek Ui-jong’s shoulder heavy third baseman

NC Dinos veteran infielder Park Seok-min (38). His shoulders are getting heavier.

Initially, he was not a constant for the 2023 season. He was just a place to restore honor.

However, as time goes by, the situation is changing. importance is growing.

Park Joon-young (26), an infielder from the first nomination in 2016, left. He moved to Doosan Bears as an unexpected reward player. 토토

The extension of Park Seok-min’s active duty was largely done according to Park Joon-young’s return schedule. This is because Park Joon-young, who underwent shoulder dislocation surgery, had to be quick to return in the second half. However, Park Seok-min’s durability became important amid Park Joon-young’s departure.

The factor that further enhances Park Seok-min’s intrinsic value is Seo Ho-cheol (27). Reserved from 2nd Army Strike King. He, along with Oh Young-soo, was regarded as the center of the generational change in the NC infield last year.

A player who was expected to take on the starting third baseman from 2023. But so far, it’s below expectations.

Seo Ho-chul, who plays for Geelong Korea in Australia, is in a severe slump. He has 12 hits in 60 at-bats and a batting average of just 2.00 in 19 games.

OPS 0.545. Long hits are only two doubles. In addition to hits, he only walked four bases.

Even the defense, which was an advantage, is shaking amidst the confusion at batting.

Australian league performance is not a barometer of KBO league performance. However, it is true that his unexpected sluggishness is casting anxiety.

This is all the more true considering that a promising player who emerges from an egg goes through many trials and errors.

This is why Park Seok-min’s transitional role is important.

NC coach Kang In-kwon also emphasized responsibility, saying, “The main third baseman is Park Seok-min.”

Will Park Seok-min and his team be able to catch the two rabbits of earnestness and restoration of honor? He depended on thorough winter preparations.

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