Basketball court masks are recommended, not compulsory… Daegu starts on February 4th

In accordance with the change in the Corona 19 government quarantine policy, wearing a mask at the  basketball court will change from mandatory to recommended from January 30th  . As a result, professional basketball Daegu Korea Gas Corporation  can also watch the game at the Daegu Gymnasium without the obligation to wear a mask  from the first home game of February held on Saturday, February 4th메이저사이트  . From the 2020-2021 season,  all indoor sports events, including  professional basketball, had to wear a mask and watch the game, and  eating and drinking was allowed, but support for fostering was  restricted. In a situation where mask obligations have been changed to recommendations in indoor sports events,  Gas Corporation played the last game of 5 consecutive away matches in Suwon on January  31st,  and then played its first home game without mask obligation against Suwon KT  at 4:00 pm on the coming Saturday  . hit

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