Bento was Hyeja… Gold prices of masters, can they afford it?

 Michael Müller, the new chairman of the Korea Football Association’s new power reinforcement committee, said at the inauguration press conference held at the Shinmun-ro Soccer Hall on the 11th, “The task of selecting a candidate for coaching begins with a blank slate.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “I am from Germany,” and “I will use the network.” This is why the new director puts more weight on foreign directors.

In the soccer world, former German national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann and former Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa are mentioned as possible candidates. Director Klinsmann is from Germany, the same as Chairman Muller, and has a relationship, and coach Bielsa has been mentioned several times as a Korean coach. In addition, in order to continue the advanced football philosophy coach Bento has created for 4 years and 4 months and the success of advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, weight is placed on the need to bring a proven leader.

The problem is the amount. The ransoms of Klinsmann and Bielsa, who have been mentioned as candidates at this point, are also formidable. Klinsmann received a total of 16 million euros for an annual salary of 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) while playing for the German national team. Coach Bielsa is even more highly paid. The annual salary he received from Leeds United was 8 million pounds 스포츠토토. On the other hand, the annual salary Bento received in Korea is known to be 1.35 million dollars (approximately 1.6 billion won).

Even at the time of Bento’s appointment as coach, famous coaches who had gone through European stages or countries with high FIFA rankings were nominated. However, it was not easy for some to set up a negotiating table due to the high ransom demands.

The Korea Football Association set the budget for 2023 at 158.1 billion won, the highest level ever. This is an increase of 44 billion won compared to the previous year. However, the association explained that the reason for the largest budget ever is that a large amount of money is invested in the construction of a soccer comprehensive center in Cheonan in 2024.

In addition, if you are a foreign coach with a lot of experience, there is a high possibility that you will demand not only a high salary but also ‘your own division’ as a contract condition like coach Bento. As it costs 4 to 5 billion won a year to run the Bento division, some say that the new supervisory system may be skeptical about the formation of the division.

Chairman Müller said, ‘Do you think it is possible to appoint a satisfactory manager in the current budget? When asked if there is a possibility of exceeding the manager he wants, he said, “I’m sorry, but it’s difficult to comment on the budget in my position.”

However, regarding the guarantee of a long-term contract known as the reason for breaking up with Bento, Chairman Muller responded positively, saying, “I like a long contract.” As the contract is guaranteed, the condition of the amount is expected to be the key to the process of appointing a new director.

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