‘Big Bang’ leader Ulsan and 2nd place FC Seoul, Pelescore The decisive scene where the light and shade crossed is ‘director’s exit’

I took out the irregular card, but the light and shade intersected with the unexpected variable. Leading Ulsan Hyundai and runner-up FC Seoul’s ‘Big Bang’ were divided by the ‘exit’ of Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo.

Coach Ahn thoroughly hid his toenails in the first half. Main gun Na Sang-ho, who boasts a peak goal sense with 8 goals, one-top Hwang Eui-jo and midfield commander Ki Sung-yong were excluded from the selection. Instead, Park Dong-jin and Kim Shin-jin, who are full of fighting spirit, were selected as starters.

The start wasn’t bad. Although Ulsan allowed the first goal in the first half, Ahn’s strategy seemed to match exquisitely. As the second half started, coach Ahn threw the winning number. He pulled out a superpower that took out 4 replacement cards at the same time. Hwang Ui-jo, Na Sang-ho, Ki Sung-yong, and Park Soo-il were put in place at the same time as Park Dong-jin, Palosevich Im Sang-hyeop, and Kim Jin-ya.

The effect was immediate. Seoul turned the game around with an equalizer (1-1) in the first minute of the second half. With this momentum, a reversal was possible. However, two minutes later, Ulsan opened the goal again, and manager Ahn exploded in the process. Coach Ahn fiercely protested to the chief and assistant referees about whether Na Sang-ho, who saw him right in front of him, was out of the touchline ball. The referee brought out the first yellow card in the 3rd minute of the second half. However, as the intensity of the backlash grew stronger, he was given another yellow card three minutes later. Two warnings, ejection. Losing the captain of the bench, Seoul was stranded. Ulsan, which caught the momentum, destroyed Seoul.

Coach Ahn was unable to attend the press conference after the game due to ‘exit punishment’. Head coach Kim Jin-gyu said, “I definitely didn’t hear the coach’s story. There’s nothing more I can say about the decision.” When coach Kim asked for an explanation of the situation at the time, he explained, “It was when Na Sang-ho caught the ball in front of the line.

That was the end. In the 13th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ held at Ulsan World Cup Stadium on the 14th, Ulsan directed Pellescore and defeated Seoul 3-2. Martin Adam opened the fire in the 14th minute of the first half. Lee Myung-Jae’s cross was thrown back by Kim Min-Hyuk, and Martin Adam’s left footed the net. It was Martin Adam’s first field goal, scored with his foot. He built a nest in Ulsan last summer. Last season, he scored 9 goals, contributing to Ulsan’s first championship in 17 years, but at the time, 4 goals were from penalties and 5 goals from headers and parts of the body (belly). This season too, in the ninth round, a beastly goal was reported, which was also a header goal.

After Martin Adam, Bako, who has been the most popular recently, finished with a multi-goal. In the 3rd and 22nd minutes of the second half, Bakko split Seoul’s net with a powerful right-footed shot. Bacco has shown off his incredible firepower, scoring 5 goals in his last 6 matches. In particular, he was the ‘Seoul Killer’ of no repute. He recorded 7 goals and 2 assists in 8 games against Seoul.카지노사이트

In Seoul, Kim Shin-jin and Park Soo-il opened the goal for Ulsan in the 1st minute of the second half, but they could not turn the tide. Lee Tae-seok, Willian, and Na Sang-ho’s conversion shots were blocked by Jo Hyun-woo, Ulsan’s goalkeeper.

Ulsan, who ran 5 consecutive wins, recorded 11 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, further solidifying the ‘solo system’ with 34 points. The difference between Seoul and Pohang (above 23 points), which are in second place, widened to 11 points, double digits. The jinx continued. Starting with a 1-0 victory on April 14, 2018, Ulsan ran undefeated in 17 matches (13 wins, 4 draws) against Seoul.

Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo smiled and said, “I feel comfortable” for the first time in the solo system. Of course, the reins of vigilance did not loosen. He said, “We showed what we prepared for the Seoul game. It’s a solo situation now, but there are many games left. We will definitely have a crisis. We have to predict and prepare for it.” On that day, 26,004 people visited the Ulsan home. The spring of defending champion Ulsan is brighter and brighter than any other year.

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