‘Both Elin and Samrin were touched’ Austin, the heartwarming uncle…’One child gave a thumbs up’

“Austin” As the kids at the sweltering stadium came to the front of the netting, holding jerseys and baseballs and anxiously calling his name, he headed for the dugout, made an unintelligible hand gesture, and walked away.

Once he was out of sight, the kids who had hoped to get his autograph were disappointed. Despite his disappointment, Austin returned to the meeting and approached the kids. As he headed for the dugout, he was making a “wait for me” gesture to the kids who had been calling his name.

On a sweltering day at Daegu Lions Park, with temperatures reaching more than 36 degrees Celsius, the Eliminators were touched by Austin’s heartwarming fan service. Through the netting that was set up to catch foul balls, Austin carefully signed autographs for each child.

In addition to his outstanding baseball skills, the foreign hitter is already known as Mr. Jamsil Oh to his fans.

The time before the game can be the most nerve-wracking. Usually, players follow their own routine to warm up. Austin doesn’t have a special routine, but he warms up by playing catch and running.

After signing autographs and cooling down, Austin resumed his run and made eye contact with the children who were still waiting for him in front of the net. After signing autographs and taking selfies with the kids, the heartwarming Austin stayed on the field for a while, giving the Elins precious memories.메이저놀이터

Austin graciously signed jerseys that didn’t have his number on them. When a jersey thrown by one of the shorter kids got caught in the netting, he climbed the netting like Spider-Man to retrieve it. When a kid wearing a Samsung Lions jersey fumbled with the ball, Austin playfully gestured for the ball and graciously signed it.

When he realized that one of the kids didn’t have a jersey or a baseball, he pulled one out of his pocket, signed it, and tossed him an autographed ball.

After receiving his autograph, Sam-lin was all smiles and happy. Both Elin and Samrin, who received autographs from the kind-hearted Austin, will cherish the memories of their visit to the stadium for a long time.

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