Changwon Friends-ES Sports Sharing Basketball Team joint camp, the core meaning is ‘exchange’ and ‘expansion’

“I hope there will be more exchanges”

The Changwon Friends Basketball Team and the ES Sports Sharing Basketball Team have been holding a 2-night, 3-day vacation basketball camp at the Changwon Friends Basketball Team Gym since the 11th. It is scheduled to close on the 13th.

The camp has been held at least once a year since 2019. The camp is possible because the Changwon Friends basketball team has a gym that can be used all day long.

The campground was run by ES Sports Nanum director Cho Seong-hoon. Coach Cho Seong-hoon, who has coached young players since his youth club days at Incheon E-Land, is the best person to coach young players. In addition, coaches including Jin Seong-jin, the director of Friends, assist coach Cho Seong-hoon.

Coach Cho Seong-hoon, who was in charge of the campsite, said, “I put the most emphasis on basic basketball skills and physical training. He explains the big program of this camp, saying, “He teaches everything from basic dribbling practice to applied skill training, from basic shooting posture to moving shooting.” 바카라사이트

After that, “I prepared various lessons. Children can be difficult. However, the coaching staff, including me, worked hard to prepare for maximum concentration in a short period of time.”

On the other hand, Jin Seong-jin, the director of Friends, who has provided the camp site for 5 years, said, “My friends who participated in the first camp as 2nd or 3rd graders are about to enter middle school. I thought, ‘Time flies so fast,’” he said, looking back from the first camp to this camp.

He continued, “Usually during vacation, many youth competitions are held. However, we also need events to improve our skills, experience in real battles, and build memories among friends, rather than competitions,” conveying the core meaning of this camp.

Continuing, “We plan to have many exchanges with good basketball clubs so that this camp can develop further. We plan to share many stories. Even if it’s not us, I hope more teams will hold an event like this together,” stressing the scalability of the camp.

Student players who play elite basketball also host Stove Leagues in January or February in warm regions. Through this, they understand each other’s strengths and learn different basketballs. Acquire the precious value of ‘growth’ in various experiences.

‘Growth’ is not a value necessary only for elite basketball. Rather, it is the value that club basketball, which enjoys basketball, needs. Changwon Friends and ES Sports Nanum also knew this. So, we have been hosting joint camps for 5 years. The core meanings were ‘exchange’ and ‘expansion’.

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