‘Cheongju dyslexia survived’ 1,149 days after Cheongju Expedition victory, BNK aimed to win, one thing that was lacking

This time, I couldn’t make a connection with Seungri. 

Busan BNK Some lost 62-64 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 regular league match against Cheongju KB Stars held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th.

It was a bloody battle. The game went to the second overtime, and KB, who had Kang Iseul’s winning buzzer beater, left the court with a smile.

It was a bitter defeat for BNK. Although Kim Han-byeol was missing, BNK, whose fighting spirit burned through the rest of the players, continued their close battle and continued their hopes for victory.  슬롯사이트

But scoring support was so lacking. Every time a goal was needed, BNK’s attack failed. In the second overtime, Lee So-hee belatedly exerted her strength, but could not prevent the team from losing. It was a match where BNK fans could feel the vacancy of Kim Han-byul.

BNK also tried 24 3-pointers and made only 5 of them, making it harder than usual. The lack of aggressiveness shown by players at times in attacking opportunities was also regrettable.

This is BNK, where the nightmare of Cheongju came to life again. BNK, which is particularly weak in Cheongju, is unable to win against KB in the Cheongju expedition after the game on December 20, 2019. It is 11 consecutive losses, including the first round of the playoffs last year. Head coach Park Jeong-eun, who took over the baton from last season, failed to report victory in Cheongju this time as well.

This season, unfortunately, we are unable to establish a relationship with Seungri in Cheongju. In the game on January 20th, Kim Min-jung allowed a painful winning shot and suffered a come-from-behind defeat, and in the game that day, the players fought hard through the second overtime, but they could not lead to victory.

Coach Park Jeong-eun pointed out after the game, “The worst thing is for the players to have a jinx, but it seems to have been more difficult because there was a shrinking aspect.” He encouraged the players on the court.

4th place BNK, which is in a fierce battle for 2nd place, widened the gap with the tie for 2nd place to 1.0 games due to the defeat that day. The loss on this day is all the more painful because they have to take a day off and play the next game against the leading Woori Bank in Busan.

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