Cho Jae-seong, who was not considerate of his team, was himself first from the apology letter to the prosecution’s investigation

OK Financial Group’s Cho Jae-seong, who shocked the volleyball world by being involved in military service corruption, put his team in trouble once again. From the sudden announcement of an apology to the prosecution’s investigation, it seems that he takes care of himself first, not the team.

OK Financial Group’s volleyball team said on the evening of the 4th, “Cho Jae-sung was investigated by the prosecution for involvement in military service corruption at the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office this afternoon.” The investigation was conducted today after the change. The club was notified of this by Jae-Sung Cho’s lawyer only after the investigation was over.”

On the 25th of last month, Jae-seong Cho voluntarily reported to the club that he was involved in military service corruption. Cho Jae-seong was initially classified as a candidate for active duty enlistment in the physical examination of the Military Manpower Administration, but he falsely complained of epilepsy symptoms and was judged as a social worker (level 4) at a reexamination in February. In this process, he is known to have been assisted by a military service broker.

OK Financial Group immediately excluded the player from the squad after recognizing the fact that Jae-sung Cho was involved in corruption in the military service. It was also made clear that if the charges are recognized in the prosecution’s investigation, they will respond with a ‘zero tolerance principle’. 

The problem is how to deal with Jo Jae-sung afterward. On the 28th of last month, OK Financial Group displayed a fighting spirit to win a set score of 3-1 despite the variables of urgently revising the tactical operation of the Hyundai Capital match after the controversy over Cho Jae-seong broke out.

Seok Jin-wook, head coach of OK Financial Group, emphasized to the players that they need to show better performance under such circumstances. As expected by the command tower, OK Financial Group, centered on veteran Yong-Chan Buy, took over Hyundai Capital, the second-place team, and laid the foundation for a turnaround.

However, it was not the fighting spirit of OK Financial Group players that really became a hot topic, but Jo Jae-sung’s admission of corruption in the military service. Jo Jae-sung posted an apology on his social media at the same time as the match between OK Financial Group and Hyundai Capital ended. He admitted his wrongdoing, saying, “I committed a great unforgivable sin. I am a participant in military service corruption.” 메이저사이트

The problem was the timing of Jo Jae-sung’s apology. The front desk of OK Financial Group did not seem to have received a separate word from Jae-Sung Cho regarding the apology, but only belatedly confirmed the contents after inquiries from the on-site reporters. 

Since then, all the focus of the media has been on Jo Jae-sung’s admission of corruption in the military service, not OK Financial Group’s fighting spirit victory. If Jae-Sung Cho had been more considerate of his team, he could have issued an apology in the morning or afternoon the next day before Hyundai Capital.

The same goes for prosecution. OK Financial Group reported the date and time it received from Cho Jae-sung’s lawyer to the media that requested fact-checking, but even this was not done properly.

While OK Financial Group was preparing for a match against Korean Air in Incheon on the 5th, it was embarrassing to hear from Jae-Sung Cho’s lawyer that the prosecution’s investigation had been completed. I was sweating to inform the on-site reporters and media in a hurry.

Under the circumstances, it is highly likely that Cho Jae-sung’s side felt burdened by the critical public opinion toward him and changed the date of his appearance at the prosecution. However, the impact of this choice was not considered at all. This is the reason why some point out that he lacks consideration for his team.

It is also regrettable that Jae-seong Cho himself missed the opportunity to apologize in public. All the fans wanted was Cho Jae-sung’s voice, “I’m sorry to the volleyball fans and fellow players. I will diligently participate in the prosecution’s investigation and be punished.”