Coach Klinsman, watching the first K-League… On-site inspection of player skills

Jurgen Klinsmann, the new coach of the national football team, visited the K-League site for the first time today (12th) to check the skills of the players.

Coach Klinsman watched the Hana 1 Q K-League 1 2023 round 3 match between FC Seoul and Ulsan Hyundai held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 12th and improved his understanding of Korean football. This is Klinsman’s first visit to the K-League site, who was appointed as the Korean national soccer team’s coach at the end of last month and returned to Korea on the 8th.

Coach Klinsman watched the game along with Cha Doo-ri, head of FC Seoul’s Youth Enhancement Office, and coach Michael Kim (Kim Young-min). Director Cha is said to have had various conversations while sitting right next to Director Klinsman.메이저놀이터

Director Cha has a relationship with coach Klinsman in the FIFA Technical Research Group (TSG) during the Qatar World Cup, and coach Kim has been working with coach Klinsman following former coach Paulo Bento.

On this day, Qatar World Cup members Hwang Eui-jo, Na Sang-ho (Seoul), Kim Young-kwon, Jo Hyun-woo, and Kim Tae-hwan (Ulsan) participated as starting teams. In addition, there were a number of star players from the national team, such as Um Won-sang, Jung Seung-hyun, Joo Min-gyu, Lee Cheong-yong (Ulsan), and Ki Sung-yong (Seoul).

Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo met with reporters prior to the game and said, “I remember Coach Klinsman as the most difficult player to block along with Ronaldo (Brazil) among the foreign players I met.” revealed.

He added, “Based on my experience, I gave advice to our players on what to look out for when a foreign coach came to see them for the first time. In the end, ‘team play’ is important.”

In addition, director Hwang Seon-hong, who had to cooperate with director Klinsman, visited the site that day and exchanged greetings with director Klinsman.

Meanwhile, coach Klinsman will make his debut as a coach for the Korean national team through the game against Colombia in Ulsan on the 24th. Afterwards, the national team will face off against Uruguay in Seoul on the 28th.

Immediately after the game, coach Klinsman said, “This was my first K-League game, and I enjoyed watching a good game. It was unfortunate that the Seoul goalkeeper made a mistake. Overall, the game was good.”

Regarding the facilities of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, where Uruguay will be played, he said, “It is a good stadium.” “I will play Colombia in Ulsan and Uruguay in Seoul. 

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