Cuban Maso does not participate in KOVO tryouts for foreign players

The player who was considered the most anticipated and the biggest player did not participate in the end. Jose Masso (Cuba, 26 years old), who attracted a lot of interest from various clubs in the 2023 V-League Men’s Foreign Player Tryout and Draft hosted by the Korean Volleyball Federation (hereinafter referred to as KOVO), gave a final notice of his absence from the tryout.

KOVO announced after officially confirming Maso’s absence on the 8th (Korean time). Maso originally decided to come to Istanbul, Turkey, the venue for the final day of the tryouts, without appearing in the practice matches held from the 6th to the 7th.

However, his current team (Sporting Clube de Portugal) faced a difficult situation when he entered Turkey at the top of the day. Matso will eventually drop out of both KOVO tryouts and drafts.

From the standpoint of the team that has been paying attention to Maso, Kim has no choice but to fall. He was born in 1997 and is a 204 cm tall apogee spiker.

Ahead of this tryout, a number of command towers gave good reviews to Maso in their pre-preferences. At the tryout site, there was also talk of “the second Keita (Mali, former KB Insurance, now Verona, Italy)”.카지노사이트

Although Maso did not appear, there were also players who applied for tryouts. Arped Barrotti (Hungary), who has played for OK Savings Bank (now OK Financial Group), KEPCO, and Hyundai Capital; Christian Lawrence (Puerto Rico), who is highly regarded for his jumping ability; and Brandon Lettray ( USA) and João Nolletto (Brazil).

As a result, a total of 33 people participated in this foreign player draft and waited for selection by each club. The draft will be held on the 8th at 10pm Korean time.

Prior to the draft, the 7 men’s clubs plan to notify KOVO whether they will renew the contract with foreign players who have been with them for the 2022-23 season by 7:00 pm Korean time.

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