Daegu FC maximizing sense of practice… Second training in Kagoshima, Japan

Professional soccer K League 1 Daegu FC departed for Kagoshima, Japan, the second winter training ground to accelerate the 2023 season approaching 20 days ahead.

Daegu, which had previously held its first winter field training in Namhae, Gyeongnam, developed stamina, tactics, and organizational skills through 10 practice matches with professional and university teams. The Daegu team, which departed for Kagoshima, Japan on the 4th, will conduct the second winter battery training until the 17th. 온라인카지노

Daegu, which recorded 10 wins, 41 points, and 7 runs in 10 matches in a total of 10 practice games in the first winter training camp, coordinated tactical training and practice matches with 26 players in the second winter training camp. We want to raise the sense of actual combat as much as possible by focusing on , maximizing power, etc.

Coach Won-kwon Choi said, “You will need time to become one with the players. You have to outline the best members and have a plan B so that you can reduce trial and error during the season and have time to respond faster.” It is our homework in Kagoshima Military Training to create the stamina that we can and to come up with tactics that match our team color.”

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