David Silva, one more year with Real Sociedad! ‘Contract extension until 2024’

David Silva continues his relationship with Real Sociedad.

Real Sociedad said on the official channel on the 5th (Korean time), “Let’s continue the show. I will be with Silva until the end of the 2023/24 season.”

“Silva was the key to the success of Real Sociedad. He provided a differentiation. It will continue to be ours,” he welcomed the news of his contract extension.안전놀이터

Silva’s contract with Manchester City expires at the end of 2020. He put an end to his company and made a plan to spend his twilight years in another league, and started looking for a destination.

As for Silva’s destination, Valencia, his home team, and Napoli, Italy, were strong candidates. However, he surprised fans with the surprise announcement of a move to Sociedad.

Silva, wearing the Real Sociedad jersey, was still the same. He showed off his undisputed class by showing off the magic of his left foot.

In particular, he led Real Sociedad to win the Copa del Rey after 34 years.

Real Sociedad has judged that Silva’s competitiveness is still intact and will be with him for one more season.

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