DeChambeau abandons street greed and promises revival in 2023

“I realized the limits of my body and equipment.”

Bryson DeChambeau (30, USA), who was once called “Hulk” by gaining more than 20kg of muscle in a short period of time to become a long hitter, gave up his greed for distance and pledged to revive. This year, he is determined to shake off the disappointment of last year, when he did not win a single win after his professional debut.

DeChambeau, who left the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour in 2022 and transferred to the LIV Golf Invitational Series (LIV Golf), said in an interview posted on the LIV Golf website on the 2nd (Korean time), “I don’t try to increase the distance anymore.” said. 먹튀검증

After winning 4 wins on the PGA Tour in 2018 and winning the US Open in 2020, he won a total of 8 wins. Called a ‘scientist on the field’ and constantly trying to be different, he seemed to be opening the ‘World of DeChambo’ at one time by intentionally stretching his body and increasing his swing speed to satisfy his desire for distance.

However, after undergoing surgery for a wrist injury in April of last year, he left the PGA Tour and moved to LIV golf, but he did not perform well and became an ordinary player.

“I had surgery to remove a cyst on my upper jawbone last December,” he confessed. “(Surgery) was the biggest decision of my life. After the surgery, I felt more energetic and my thoughts were clearer. I feel like going back to my past self.” It was explained that after the 2020 Masters, the cyst caused a blockage in one nostril and escaped the difficulties of not being able to breathe smoothly.

After losing about 10kg last summer, he said, “I realized the limits of my body and equipment.” “There is a limit to increasing swing speed with engineering technology. He explained why he gave up his greed for long hits, saying, “If you raise the ball speed above 185 mph, you can’t control it.”

In addition to two surgeries last year, his father also tasted the pain of the world. I gained more strength and my thoughts became clearer,” he said, not hiding his greed for resurrection. DeChambeau started the season by participating in the Asian Tour PIF Saudi International, which opened on the 2nd.

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