“Did you eat the early heat?” Professional baseball umpire frowns at successive referees

In professional baseball, the absurd misjudgment that came out yesterday became a controversy.

The catcher was hit by the bat thrown by the batter, but rather the judgment was made for obstruction of batting.

Today, SSG Choi Jeong almost hit a valuable home run when the referee came.

Reporter Kang Jae-hoon reports.


In LG’s attack in the bottom of the 9th inning, when the runner on first base ran, Hanwha Battery tried to pitch out.

The batsman almost threw his bat away, and Hanwha catcher Choi Jae-hoon collapsed after being hit by the bat.

However, after a 4-sim agreement, the referee declared catcher Choi Jae-hoon obstruction of the hit.

Director Choi Won-ho protested, but the decision was not overturned.

However, the KBO refereeing committee acknowledged the error before the game was over that it was defensive interference, not hitting interference.

The referee who misjudged came out the same in today’s game.

LG led a 4-game winning streak by pitching 6 scoreless innings, including starter Kim Yun-sik inducing double play three times.

[Kim Yun-sik/LG : “The players are trying to win every game, and it seems that they are not wasting every game, and it seems that we can win until the end thanks to the way they focus on each ball.”] SSG Choi Jeong-

i The batted ball goes over the left wall.카지노사이트

When the foul decision came out, Choi Jeong-eun confidently insisted that it was a home run.

In the end, as a result of the video review, the batted ball narrowly passed inside the pole, and the judgment was overturned as a home run.

If SSG hadn’t asked for a video review, it would have hit a valuable home run.

SSG, with Choi Jeong’s final shot, kept a tie for first place with LG.

Yang Eui-ji of Doosan hit a ball that hit the outfield fence, but was out at second base and laughed awkwardly.

This is Kang Jae-hoon from KBS News.

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