Director Aguirre said 30 million euros “Lee Kang-in is satisfied with Mallorca, I think”

Director Javier Aguirre said that there would be no big change in Lee Kang-in’s (21) heart. While citing a buyout of 30 million euros, he insisted that no big-spending team would emerge in the winter.

Coach Aguirre said at a press conference ahead of the match against Cadiz on the 28th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in is satisfied with our team. At least that’s what I think.”

The transfer market opens in January, and rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer are heating up the Spanish press. When Lee Kang-in’s personal social network 스포츠토토 “unfollowed” Mallorca and expressed his discomfort, Spain’s Marca explained the reason, saying, “Lee Kang-in does not understand Mallorca’s attitude of rejecting all recruitment offers in January.”

Several Premier League teams have shown interest. In the beginning, it was Aston Villa and Brighton, but recently, reporter Juanmi Sanchez, who is active in ‘Marca’ and ‘Football Mallorca’ based in Mallorca, Spain, said, “Lee Kang-in is aware of the winter transfer market offer in January. I am interested in Lee Kang-in. The Premier League team that exists is not Brighton, but the Premier League’s top team.”

At the press conference, coach Aguirre was asked about Lee Kang-in’s transfer rumors. Director Aguirre replied, “I had a lot of conversations with Lee Kang-in. I talked about my role at the stadium, the Korean fans who came to the stadium, etc. I also talked about my family and met his father.”

“There was no other story. Lee Kang-in is with us and will stay in Mallorca. Lee Kang-in was not persuaded to stay. He is a player under contract with Mallorca. If I had a team, I would be able to take Lee Kang-in.”

Of course, he took a step back saying, “Anything can happen in the transfer market.” However, “I can’t think of another scenario yet. There will be no team to pay the buyout. 30 million euros is quite a lot of money. I think it’s an exaggerated amount, but it’s the amount agreed upon in the contract. Your criteria may differ, but I think Yes,” he said, shaking his head.

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