Director Jeon Hee-cheol sticking out his tongue at Carrot even in victory “It’s hard to deal with”

 Although he won, it was SK coach Jeon Hee-chul who was clearly exhausted. Coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “It’s not easy to win if you don’t do this,” and he admitted that Carrot is a tough opponent.

Seoul SK, led by coach Jeon Hee-cheol, won 82-80 in a regular league home game against 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Goyang Carrot held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 23rd. SK succeeded in winning streak through the victory on this day and continued a fierce fight for the top ranks.

It was a fierce battle. SK used Choi Jun-yong to block Jeon Seong-hyeon, and in the attack, Jamil Warney stirred Carrot’s low goal. Heo Il-young also contributed to the spacing with two 3-pointers. Choi Jun-yong and Warney played a big role in the match, giving the team a thrilling 2-point victory. 헤라카지노도메인

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “The game went as expected. In the beginning, it was hard to keep up with the wide gap after getting hit by Alledge (laughs). We did not change the allegy mark to play the defense we prepared, but as the prepared defense went well, we were able to follow in the second quarter.”

Then, he expressed his satisfaction with the defense he had prepared to reduce Carrot’s mismatch. Coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “The defense we prepared for the first quarter went well, so in the second quarter, when we played normal defense, the opponent was confused. This defense is to give confusion when the opponent prepares a move for our normal defense (switch defense). It was also good to minimize Carrot’s mismatch derived from a two-on-two attack,” he expressed satisfaction.

Choi Jun-yong showed excellent defensive concentration by marking Seong-hyeon Jeon intensively throughout the game. In the close match, he scored 8 points through a series of mid-range shots.

Coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “At first, when Choi Jun-yong (Jeon Seong-hyun) took a shot, I actually tried to change the match to (Kim) Sun-hyung. But during operation time, Jun-yong said, “How do you change it to say one goal was scored? I will try more” (laughs). So he said that if he made another mistake, he would change it, but he did well until the end. Jun-yong has long arms and fast movements, so it will be difficult for opponents to respond.”

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol, who played an all-out battle that took more than 30 minutes for 5 players, including Warney, who played full-time, showed caution about Carrot, saying, “Carrot is a difficult team for anyone to play against.”

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