Doosan new foreigner who likes to eat seaweed wrapped in rice “I want to devote myself to winning”

 Doosan Bears new foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle (27) is preparing for his KBO debut smoothly after the spring camp in Sydney, Australia on the 1st.

Guwi has already received a passing grade. Not only does he draw praise from the coaching staff and teammates whenever he pitches in the bullpen, he adapts quickly to the team with his cheerful personality.

Choi Won-joon (29), a native ace, praised Dylan, saying, “I have high expectations for Dylan.

Dylan is also ambitious. After completing training on the 13th, “Currently, I am in the stage of getting closer to my teammates. I am learning how the KBO league is run and training,” he said. I am doing it,” he said, expressing his sincere heart.

Dylan has no major league experience, but his potential was recognized during his American days, including being ranked 25th among prospects on the team during his Milwaukee Brewers career. Having set foot on the Korean stage at a relatively young age of 27, he has a strong will to contribute to Doosan, which gave him a chance. 

He has a close friendship with Josh Lindblom (36, retired), who led Doosan’s 2019 season combined championship, so he listened to enough explanations about Korean baseball and wearing a Doosan uniform is a great help in adapting to the KBO league.

Dylan said, “I heard a lot of advice about the KBO League from Lindblom and Tyler White (SK for the 2020 season).” “I want to create a situation where the team can win as many victories as possible rather than grades. I want to become a player who is dedicated to Doosan.” 먹튀검증

It is also positive that important factors for adapting to Korea go well with Dylan. Foreign players often struggle with food, but Dylan fell in love with his Korean food.

During the Doosan team’s spring camp, lunch is Korean food. Various menus such as bulgogi, chicken stir-fry soup, and sujebi are contributing greatly to improving the athletes’ training efficiency.

Dylan has no food to cover. I recharged my energy during lunch while enjoying the taste of bossam and squid bulgogi, which were the main menus of the day. When asked about his favorite food, he smiled broadly, saying, “Gim is really delicious. I enjoy wrapping it in rice.”

The KBO league official ball also showed confidence, saying that it fits snugly in the hand. Dylan emphasized, “The official ball of the KBO League fits me well. The ball feels so good when it leaves my hand.”

“I also have high expectations for myself. I want to show a good performance during the season without being burdened by what my colleagues around me say good about me,” he said. “My goal is to advance to the postseason at Doosan and help my team win I want to contribute. I will become a player who contributes to the team’s victory rather than individual results.” 

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