Dortmund, a club that buys and sells prospects well, makes 401.8 billion won in net profit

Borussia Dortmund missed out on a coveted league title this season and lost one of its most important players, Jude Bellingham, to Real Madrid, but the club has done a good job of acquiring, developing, and selling players to deepen its pockets.

On July 7, Dortmund announced on their official website, “Bellingham is moving from Dortmund to Real Madrid. An agreement was reached today. The details of the contract still need to be harmonized and documented. If the transfer to Real is executed, Dortmund will receive €130 million in compensation. It has also been agreed that they will receive a commission of up to 30% of the fixed transfer fee amount.” It’s practically a breakup.

Unlike Bayern Munich, Dortmund, one of Germany’s biggest clubs, has a strong image as a selling club. Even when they develop players, they don’t keep them for long, and they move on to other big clubs, including Munich. This is why they have a hard time building a strong squad.

Dortmund, on the other hand, has a lot of money to spend on players who leave the club. In addition to Bellingham, they sold Jadon Sancho (Manchester United), Elling Holland (Manchester City), and Ousmane Dembele (FC Barcelona) for big money.

The cost of bringing them all in was €160 million, barely more than Bellingham’s transfer fee. However, they made nearly four times as much money selling them to other teams: €388 million ($542.4 billion).안전놀이터

The net profit alone is jaw-dropping at €287.4 million. That’s how well Dortmund did business.

The Bellingham void will also be filled by big-money transfers. This is how Dortmund has been able to maintain their status as a powerhouse even after selling so many players.

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