Dynasty’s starting shortstop → failed FA jackpot → pushed second baseman → FA transfer to shortstop. First GG challenge? 

Can the shortstop of the dynasty era stand in that position again? Infielder Kim Sang-soo, who played an active role as a Samsung Lions franchise star, is now playing shortstop for KT Wiz again.

He was the starting shortstop during the Samsung Lions dynasty era. When he won the regular league championship for five consecutive years from 2011, Kim Sang-soo enjoyed his heyday. He hit more than 100 hits for 5 consecutive years, and was a vital force for the team with a stable defense and quick base run. However, his performance declined due to injuries afterward, and after the 2018 season, he signed a contract for 3 years and 1.8 billion won in his first free agency. And at this time, when Lee Hak-joo came to Samsung, Kim Sang-soo went to second base instead of shortstop. He was also the same at second base. He showed stability with good defense. He also posted his batting average of 3.4 in 2020, making his first .3 in his debut. However, in the following year, 2021, his batting average dropped to 2.3 5 li. It was his lowest batting average since his debut. Last year, he only played 72 games due to injury, and his batting average was not very high at 2.51. and his second free agent hit. 스포츠토토

Lotte Giants and Hanwha Eagles, who had not recently entered the free agency market, jumped in and the free agent ransom rose. However, Kim Sang-soo did not seem to be able to hit the jackpot this time either.

KT came out. KT, who needed a shortstop as their main shortstop Shim Woo-jun enlisted in the military, paid attention to Kim Sang-soo, who came out on the free agent market, and reached out. Kim Sang-soo signed a contract for a total of 2.9 billion won for 4 years, better conditions than his first free agency.

From 2023, Kim Sang-soo wears a KT uniform and goes back to the shortstop position. It’s time to restore his ego as a shortstop in his own right.

You can even challenge for the Golden Globes. Until now, Kim Sang-su has not won a Golden Glove neither as a shortstop nor as a second baseman. In the shortstop spot, Kang Jung-ho (then Nexen Heroes) and Kim Jae-ho (Doosan Bears) were pushed aside.

Will his second baseball life, which starts anew in Suwon after leaving Samsung, his hometown, go as expected?

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