‘Enemies’ Ukrainian-Russian soccer players ‘conflict’ → Group brawl in a hotel

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered in February last year, the whole world is condemning Russia. Ukraine, a war-stricken country, is not feeling well enough to regard Russia as its enemy.

However, it is said that Russian and Ukrainian players have to stay at a hotel in Turkiye because of the earthquake. As the players of the two countries, the enemies of Cheolcheonji, happened to be in the same hotel, a collision was inevitable. It is said that the players who should stick together at the stadium exchanged fists at the hotel. 스포츠토토

On the 15th, the British Daily Star published an article titled ‘Russian and Ukrainian soccer players fight in a hotel’.

According to reports, the fight was caused by Ukrainian players protesting against Russian football players for harassing hotel staff.

The incident started when the players of FC Sinnik Yaroslavl of the Russian league and FC Minatz of Ukraine stayed at a hotel in Turkey to avoid an earthquake. The players of both teams, who were not feeling well due to the war, had a trivial argument that eventually turned into a fight.

Reportedly, tensions escalated after a Ukrainian player criticized the behavior of the Russian players. Allegations that Russian players behaved inappropriately towards hotel staff.

Ukrainian players saw this and demanded an apology from the Russian players. However, the Russian players refused, and it is said that the angry Ukrainian players punched the Russian players.

In the end, players from both sides had a group fight, and four Russian players were reported to have suffered broken bones. It is said that the fight between the two sides led to a situation where the police and paramedics were dispatched.

Shortly after the incident, FC Minaj claimed in an official press release that “Russian players caused a commotion first.” The club introduced the incident, saying, “Yesterday, February 13, our team and Russian players clashed at a hotel in Turkiye

. “It is completely false information that our fighters forced the Russians to sing the Ukrainian national anthem and that the Russians won the fight,” he said.

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