‘False epilepsy’ Cho Jae-seong, will not be able to escape if convicted of corruption in military service

 Reporter Park Jae-ho = Cho Jae-seong (28, OK Financial Group), who is suspected of corruption in military service, is in danger of being kicked out.

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office and the Military Manpower Administration’s joint investigation team indicted 42 military service evaders and 5 accomplices without detention on charges of violating the Military Service Act and obstructing the execution of hierarchical public affairs. Cho Jae-seong is accused of conspiring with a military service broker to fake epilepsy symptoms. 먹튀검증

On December 25 last year, Jae-seong Cho informed OK Financial Group that he was involved in military service corruption and was going to be investigated. As a result, the club ruled out all games and training for Jae-Sung Cho.

Cho Jae-seong, who led OK Financial Group’s attack this season, participated in 16 games, boasting 194 points and a high attack success rate of 52.48%. He was also popular with fans for his good looks.

However, he was in danger of being kicked out of the volleyball world due to his wrong actions and choices. Cho Jae-seong is said to have admitted most of the charges.

The Korean Volleyball Federation and the club plan to punish Jo Jae-seong. According to Article 10 of the federation’s reward and punishment regulations (reason for disciplinary action), severe punishments up to suspension of qualifications and expulsion may be given. Players who caused match fixing in 2012 were also permanently expelled. The club also declared that it would be handled with a ‘zero tolerance principle’.

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