Finally returning to training, ‘real monster’ Zlatan returns

According to the Italian media Football Italia’s report on the 3rd, Ibrahimovic digested team training held at Milanello (AC Milan training ground) for the first time this season on this day.

Ibrahimovic underwent knee surgery at the end of last season. Due to work, he was unable to join the team from the start of this season and focused only on rehabilitation. 메이저사이트

In fact, with an injury of this magnitude, there is a high possibility that a normal player will go through the steps of retirement. Even more so considering Ibrahimovic’s age, born in 1981. However, Ibrahimovic did not retire and chose to rehabilitate, build his body smoothly and eventually return. A player-like move to call himself ‘God’.

According to Football Italy, Ibrahimovic is expected to make his comeback in the Serie A match against Torino on the 11th at the earliest. At the latest, it is expected to return in the match against Monza on the 19th.

AC Milan is like a thousand forces. This season, AC Milan is in 5th place with 38 points from 11 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses in 20 matches. It is not easy to aim for a reversal as it is already 15 points away from leading Napoli (53 points). However, in order to advance to the UEFA Champions League next season, it is necessary to rebound in the second half.

Ibrahimovic scored 8 goals and 3 assists in 23 league matches last season. It is unknown to what extent Ibrahimovic, who is in his early 40s, will recover his skills and return, but as he is thorough in self-management and is called a physical ‘monster’, he is expected to be of use to his team.

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