“Forward pass, forward pressure, post play” Zambia coach Mwafe’s view of Korea’s strengths

Bruce Mwafe, coach of the Zambia women’s national soccer team, shared his thoughts on Korea’s strengths as he faced them.

On the 11th, at the Yongin Mir Stadium in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, the women’s national team played a friendly match, and Korea won a 5-0 victory over Zambia. Lee Geum-min scored a hat-trick, and Park Eun-sun added two goals. Korea, which won 5-2 in the first match held on the 7th, ended its series of matches against Zambia with complete victories. 

Coach Mwafe, who attended the post-game press conference, said, “The thing I felt the most during the two games was that we were slower than our opponent, Korea. I confirmed the direction I had to go. I don’t necessarily see it as a bad game,” he said after finishing the two games.안전놀이터

He then explained the difference between the first and second games, saying, “There was a difference in tactics between the first and second games. In the first game, I scored two goals, so I was satisfied.”

When asked to briefly evaluate Korea’s strength in the two matches, “Korea played a good game through forward passing and forward pressure. Also, it had strengths in the post play using tall strikers. If these advantages are maintained, we will continue to I will be able to play a good game.”

Coach Mwafe said after the first game that Korea struggled with the post play. When asked how he prepared for the second game, he said, “After the first half of the first game, Park Eun-sun was put in in the second half, so it was a difficult game. At the team meeting preparing for the second game, we talked about Park Eun-sun and Korea’s post play. However, this match “Looking at the results, it’s hard to say that we prepared well. We allowed two penalty kicks. The Korean strikers were faster than our defenders. I think that’s why this disappointing result came about.”

Regarding Lee Geum-min, who scored 5 goals in 2 matches, he said, “I think he is a very good player. He has good visibility. He played well in the first half, but showed his strength in checking the space for other players. It was also good to see him trying to score. I think his strength is that he uses his speed to aim for goals.”

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