Gamjatang restaurant owner Kim Ho-nam “Please buy Gamjatang, which is more nutritious than taiyaki bread”

Bucheon FC striker Kim Ho-nam (34) showed a witty talk at the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023 Opening Media Day’.

Veteran Kim Ho-nam answered the question, ‘If I had to describe director (Lee Young-min) in one word?’, he chose “thoroughness” and said, “When I buy something, I probably count body fat. That’s why I think Gamjatang is better than taiyaki.” It was an answer linked to the question about the player who wants to buy Taiyaki earlier.

Interestingly, Kim Ho-nam runs a Gamjatang restaurant in Songdo, Incheon. When he is not a soccer player, he is the owner of a gamjatang restaurant. Kim Ho-nam did not miss out on promoting Gamjatang, saying, “The backbone is rich in protein, and the wooji is good for sleep and recovery.” 메이저사이트

This wasn’t the end. After the end of this season, to the question, “Please express your evaluation of the team’s results in one sentence,” he said, “The promotion achieved with Bucheon citizens, Lee Young-min’s brilliant leadership,” and said, “I want to renew the contract. I can still run more,” he replied, causing laughter. Kim Ho-nam renewed his contract until 2024 during the last season, but he expressed his intention to extend his active service in his official position.

On the other hand, there were several reasons for the question of ‘the player the chiefs want to buy Taiyaki for’.

First, director Park Dong-hyuk of Chungnam Asan, who held the microphone, said, “Park Min-seo,” and said, “I feel like I’m losing weight without gaining weight, so I want to talk about this and that while eating warm Taiyaki.”

Cheongju FC coach Choi Yoon-kyung asked the price of taiyaki and joked, “I’ll buy all the players at that price.”

He also has a manager who picked foreign players. Manager Lee, Jeonnam Dragons, said, “Yoo Hei doesn’t seem to be able to eat Korean food well. He wants to give strength with taiyaki,” he said.

Go Jeong-woon, coach of Gimpo FC, said, “It’s Pablo. Korean players will eat well on their own…” and laughed.

He also had a manager’s evaluation of players.

After the Jeonnam Dragons, Kwon said to Director Lee, “I am sincere. When training, the coach is working out first. I don’t know if it’s because the players are frustrated or because they want to resume their career as an athlete, but I also do weight training.”

Then, he shook the crowd, saying, “When I bet with the players, I ‘sincerely’ take it all.”

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