Hana 1 Q, which had the advantage in the first quarter of three consecutive games, was different this time

Hana 1 Q showed a strong appearance in the first quarter in the last 3 games. However, we lost the last two matches and won the match today.

Bucheon HanawonQ met Cheongju KB Stars in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 regular women’s professional basketball league held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 1st and won 80-70.

Hana 1 Q is on a losing streak, losing all of their last 3 games. However, the encouraging fact is that they did not push back from the first quarter. In the last three games, they faced strong teams. Although they met Shinhan Bank in Incheon and lost in the first quarter, the match against 1st place Asan Woori Bank and 2nd place Busan BNK was different. In the match against Woori Bank, the first quarter ended with a score of 25-20. In the match against BNK, they completely dominated the first quarter with a score of 22-13.

In particular, both games were Hana One Q, which showed firepower by scoring more than 20 points in the first quarter. In response, coach Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q said, “In the past, our team was pushed back from the beginning of the game, but these days it is different. Now it is being pushed back in the 3rd and 4th quarters. This isn’t a good thing, but it’s important that you’re slowing down a little bit. Over time, you will have the strength to endure to the end. We will build such a team.”

Hana 1 Q also showed a strong performance in the first quarter. But it wasn’t only strong in the first quarter. He showed a strong performance in the 4th quarter and overtime, which led to the team’s victory.

In the very beginning of the game, they conceded consecutive runs. It is because he could not prevent the combination of Huh Ye-eun (165cm, G) and Park Ji-soo (196cm, C). The game started at 0-5 like that.

Accordingly, the operation time was applied, and the flow of the game changed. After operation time, Yang In-young (184cm, C) scored under the goal. Afterwards, Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G) and Kim Ji-young (171cm, G) made a 3-point shot to make it 8-5. In addition, Jeong Ye-rim (175cm, G) scored consecutively. Hana One Q added Kim Ye-jin’s consecutive free throws to make it 18-7. It was Hana One Q that succeeded in 16-2 runs.

After that, Kim Min-jung (181cm, F) allowed a 3-point shot, but Yang In-young responded. After that, they conceded consecutive runs, but Kim Ye-jin (174cm, F) succeeded with a stepback 3-point shot. So Hana 1 Q made 23-15.

What was disappointing was that the flow in the middle of the first quarter could not be led to the end of the quarter. Successive attacks failed. And he couldn’t control Heo Ye-eun’s quick breakthrough and even committed a foul. As a result, Heo Ye-eun was allowed 4 free throws, and Heo Ye-eun succeeded in all of them. In the last attack of the quarter, Anna Kim (165cm, G) made a half-court violation and passed the opportunity to attack in vain. Even so, she succeeded in her last defense. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 23-19.

However, in the 2nd quarter, he could not show the same shooting feeling as in the 1st quarter, only scoring 10 points and allowing the opponent to pursue. And in the third quarter, Hana 1 Q only scored 12 points. It was a scoring pace that fell by half compared to the first quarter. 3 minutes and 51 seconds before the end of the 3rd quarter, Kim Min-jung conceded a point and even gave it an advantage. 카지노사이트

Looking back at this trial, Hana 1 Q collapsed and was defeated in this situation. The last two games were the same. But this day was different. Hana 1 Q players maintained their concentration until the end for victory. Control the opponent’s score with strong defense. In addition, Yang In-young and Shin Ji-hyun strengthened their attacks. Kim Ye-jin, Kim Ji-young, and Jeong Ye-rim also did their part well enough. As a result, Yang In-young scored consecutive goals from under the goal, and Shin Ji-hyun led the team’s pursuit by adding two consecutive 3-pointers with one minute left in the game.

In addition, Jeong Ye-rim’s buzzer beater at the end of the 4th quarter tied the score. The match went into overtime. Although Kim Ji-young could not come on the court due to 5 fouls, there was no problem. Kim Aena, who replaced Kim Jiyoung, did her part. scored a fastball. In addition, the score difference was widened through breakthrough points. And after the steal, he succeeded in the fast break, widening the score gap to double digits. That’s how Hana 1 Q won the match.

Coach Kim, whom we met after the game, also expressed his joy. Manager Kim said, “In the last few games, while talking about the part that collapsed in the third quarter, he said let’s catch that part. Today, the players showed an effort to keep that part.”

It is Hana One Q that took the first quarter advantage to the end in three times. The victory on this day will be of great help to the growth of the players. 

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