Handshake exchange

Scene⑨ = Misaeng is everywhere. It is a dizzying baduk game in which underdeveloped horses such as white and black on the right side, white on the lower side, and black in the center of the left are intertwined. However, nationwide, black is thick and there is a lot of practicality. Baek is also the one who has to urgently plan his life. AI’s black win rate is over 80%. Choi Jeong 9th dan stretches one with 1 back and defends it with 3. The number of times A’s cleavage was prevented. Then connect the black sword to 4 and attack the white on the right. There are many fans who support Choi Jeong, but now Choi Jeong is very dangerous. What is the best breakthrough?

◆Breaking through AI = AI flips back to 1 and makes a house shape here up to 5. As a player, it is a procedure to stabilize the lower side bag first. The right-hand bag is placed on 11 to settle inside instead of escaping. When life and death are intertwined, AI’s handling method is very simple. This is a little disadvantageous, but it’s a long-term game.

◆Progress in practice = Choi Jeong-eun ran away with a hundred in the actual match, and this number received the biggest criticism in this baduk game. Looking at the sequence, white continues to connect the ball, and black keeps getting thicker with the center as a player. The lower back has also weakened a lot. 1st, 3rd, 7th, etc. all ended up being evaluated as a ‘great handshake exchange’. 온라인카지노

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