High school student overcoming tic disorder and challenging road FC pro fighter

Jin Seong-hoon (19, Team Strongwolf), who is overcoming his tic disorder through mixed martial arts, became a hot topic for his challenging spirit in the high school fight audition program ‘Bang and Hook’.

On the 10th, ‘Bang and Hook’ was released through Road FC’s official YouTube channel. In ‘Brooke Hook’, Jin Seong-hoon showed unstoppable passion by challenging a 140kg contestant. 스포츠토토

He also attracted attention as he was not rigid and participated actively. Seonghun Jin has been overcoming his tic disorder while practicing mixed martial arts for about three years.

Seonghun Jin has grown by defeating talented players in the Road FC Central League. Jin Seong-hoon, who showed good results in the Central League, has experience appearing in ‘Scouter’, which is broadcast on Road FC’s chairman Jung Moon-hong’s personal YouTube channel, ‘Gao Hyung Life’.

‘Scouter’ is an audition program that selects martial arts aspirants and prospects who dream of entering the Road FC stage. When Jin Seong-hoon appeared in ‘Scouter’, he said, “There are many people who have depression besides tic disorder. I believe that such people can improve a lot if they exercise with others,” he said, conveying positive energy.

Jin Seong-hoon, who gives people hope, is currently running towards his dream in ‘Bang and Hook’. Since it is a survival program that selects the strongest out of 16 participants, Jin Seong-hun is moving forward silently in the midst of many adversities.

The winner of ‘Bang and Hook’ is given a 30 million won fighting scholarship and a chance to debut as a pro at Road FC. Fierce competition is unfolding as it is conducted through 3 days of confrontation and training.

The 2nd episode of ‘Bang and Hook’, where the hot competition unfolds, will be released on the 17th at 6:00 pm on Road FC’s official YouTube channel and IHQ’s official channel.

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