I took the criticism and put it in the 1st team. What are the realistic expectations within Doosan for Yoosung Kim?

“The best quality among the pitchers who joined Doosan in the last 4 years”
“The value of the pitch is the best, the pitch is the best, the change is above average, the left-handed opponent is the key”
“It will be a good competition with Kim Dong-ju. Resources available for both relief and selection”
Realistic expectations are 5 selection competitions + long relief
Accepting a lot of criticism, Kim Yu-seong’s quick call-up to the 1st team, what will be the result?

 I put up with criticism and put it in the first team. I thought I would have a little more time, but it’s a ‘much faster’ first-team call-up than expected.

It is the will of the Doosan Bears club to give Kim Yoo-seong a chance as much as an agreement was reached with the victim to use Kim Yoo-seong (21). Then, now, attention is focused on when the timing of Kim Yu-seong’s appearance will be, what position he will take, and what realistic expectations he will have.

Excluding all external factors and considering only the ‘fighting factor’, Doosan’s expectations for Yu-Sung Kim are quite high. No one denies that Kim Yu-seong is the No.

Regarding Kim Yoo-seong, an official from the Doosan Bears Futures power analysis team said, “I am cautious about what to say, but it is considered to be the best pitcher among the pitchers who joined the Doosan Bears within four years. Above all, the four-seam is really good. He has an above-average pitch value for other breaking balls such as curveballs and sliders, but his four-seam is so good that he can be used in the first team. Above all, he is a very good player with good game stamina. He has the power to throw about 150 km right now while throwing about 100 right now,” he said.

The evaluation of Futures coach Lee Jung-hoon was also the same. In an official interview after the match, coach Lee said, “When I pitched the best in the 2nd team, it seems to be enough to get into the 1st team with just that pitching. I first saw him during a practice game with us in my sophomore year at Korea University. However, as our team went through the development process, it became stable. He has good fastball movement and throws a slider forkball well. It’s not a very comfortable change ball from the hitter’s point of view. Right-handed hitters will struggle in the KBO League. However, it is still a bit weak against lefties. For left-handed hitters, the pitch seemed a bit uncomfortable. I think I will have to overcome this part.”안전놀이터

He said, “Maybe Choi Seung-yong is a left-handed pitcher in the first team, so even if that is the case, I think he will be a good competition with Kim Dong-ju. Kim Yoo-seong can be used in all weathers. You can fill in for Jeong Cheol-won or Hong Geon-hee when they are having a hard time, or you can go in when Kim Dong-ju is having a hard time. It will be of great help to the team’s strength.”

Combining the words of the Doosan Power Analysis Team and Futures coach Lee Jung-hoon, the current expectation for Kim Yu-seong can be said to be the role of a ‘5 starter’ or ‘long relief’.

In 2017, when he was in his third year at Naedong Middle School, Yuseong Kim received a 5-day suspension from attendance by the Naedong Middle School School Violence Committee, and in February 2018, he was ordered to attend 20 hours of psychotherapy and 40 hours of community service by the Changwon District Court. The Korea Baseball Softball Association also suspended Kim Yu-seong for one year in September 2020.

NC Dinos selected Yuseong Kim as the 2021 1st nomination rookie, but withdrew her nomination due to cold public opinion. Even after she entered Korea University, Kim Yu-seong’s family sued the victim’s family for defamation, further raising the controversy.

Doosan took criticism and picked Kim Yu-seong as the 19th overall in the second round, and signed a contract for 150 million won. Kim Yoo-sung tried to come to terms with her victim and was recently forgiven. He started all 3 Futures League games, giving up 4 runs on 6 hits in 13 innings (ERA 2.77) with 16 strikeouts.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “I will use Kim Yu-seong as a bullpen pitcher for now.” Yuseong Kim said, “The victims and their families said, ‘I support you. Thank you so much for forgiving me. He will become an exemplary player that will help the team,” he said in an interview before the game.

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