“If we lose Ohtani, we’ll have to trade him” LAA Worst team of the decade? Wasting 329 billion won?

“Losing Ohtani would allow a free agent to make the next move.”

The Los Angeles Angels’ 2023 season is coming to a screeching halt after an uncharacteristic buyer’s market right before the trade deadline. The Angels were forced to send back players they had hastily acquired to preserve payroll.

And Shohei Ohtani, 29, will leave for another club in free agency in 2023-2024. In the end, the Angels are facing the worst of both worlds: no wins, no Ohtani, and no future. In this situation, American media outlets have recently been discussing the possibility of trading Mike Trout, 32.

The logic is that the Angels are getting nothing for Ohtani and should sell Trout for prospects. At this point, holding onto Trout doesn’t add much to the organization’s future. Trout signed a 12-year, $426.5 million extension with the Angels before the 2019 season. He has seven years and $248.15 million remaining on the deal.

Sports Illustrated’s Los Angeles Angels fan nation, Hall of Fame Today, strongly advocated for a trade of Trout on Thursday. They reported that there have been trade discussions since last year. They argued that the Angels were getting nothing for Ohtani and that it was better for the long-term direction of the team to move him.

Then USA Today’s Bob Nightingale brought up the realism. “They won’t get the same return from the 32-year-old outfielder as they have in the past. He hasn’t played more than 140 games since the 2016 season, and if he doesn’t return this season, he’ll have missed 249 games over the last three years.”

Indeed, Trout has been plagued by nagging injuries in recent years. As he enters his 30s, the durability issue is in full swing. Nightingale has a point. If the Angels were to trade Trout, they wouldn’t be 100 percent satisfied, which is a lose-lose situation.메이저놀이터

“After nine years without a postseason appearance, the Angels may be the most neglected franchise of the decade in sports today. As painful as it is, Trout’s time with the Angels could end with a choice that hurts both the greatest player in franchise history and the fans.” At this point, the word is “no.

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