“I’ll know when I need an event” Ha Joo-seok doesn’t need it right away… Wonho Choi isn’t in a hurry either, why?

“If I need an event, I’ll do it”

Ha Ju-seok of the Hanwha Eagles started at shortstop and batted first against the Goyang Heroes at Goyang Baseball Stadium in Goyang, Goyang City, and went 2-for-4 with a double and a walk.

It was his first official appearance in the batter’s box in a whopping 270 days. On June 16 last year against the Lotte Giants in Daejeon, Ha threw his helmet in anger at a strike call. While it’s understandable to be angry at an unfair call, it was definitely not the right way to show it. In particular, Ha threw his helmet at then-head coach Wes Clemens. As a result, Ha received a 10-game suspension from the KBO and a $3 million fine.

However, the incident didn’t end with the helmet throw. After the season ended, Ha committed the heinous act of driving while intoxicated during the offseason training camp. His blood alcohol level was 0.078%, which is a license suspension level, when he got behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. As a result, Ha received a severe punishment of a 70-game suspension from the KBO. The Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office filed a summary indictment with a fine.

Ha garnered a lot of attention as an amateur when he was drafted by Hanwha with the first overall pick in the 2012 rookie draft. That’s how talented he is. He was on his way to winning the first Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC), but he became known as a “troublemaker” or “troublemaker” after being at the center of various incidents. The public opinion of the fans towards Ha was “terrible”.

In the end, he was given a 70-game suspension, and it wasn’t until the 28th of last month that his punishment was finalized. On May 5, Ha made his first official appearance for the second team. After failing to produce a hit in his first at-bat, he drew a walk in his second at-bat, followed by his first hit of the comeback against Goyang starter Noh Woon-hyun in his third at-bat, and although he only managed to hit a grounder to second base in his fourth at-bat in the seventh inning against reliever Hong Sung-min, he ended his comeback with a multi-hit game with a double in his final at-bat in the ninth inning.

Ha’s drunk driving incident last year was devastating for Hanwha, which had to prepare for the upcoming season. The loss of their starting shortstop came like a blow in the middle of the night, and Hanwha was forced to open their wallets to put out the fire by signing Oh Sun-jin in the free agent market. For now, of course, Lee Do-yoon has taken over as the starter, and Ha Joo-seok’s absence is barely felt.

Despite Ha’s comeback, Choi Won-ho was in no mood to rush his return. “I think he needs to play more games with the second team first, and then we’ll listen to the evaluation of the second team,” Choi said before the game against Lotte on May 5. “Considering the situation of the team and the situation of the shortstop right now, I think everything has to be right before we can decide when he can return.”

Hanwha has been in good spirits lately, riding a franchise-record eight-game winning streak. It’s not a comfortable situation, but they’re certainly in a position to compete for a postseason ticket. And while Ha has been out, Oh Seon-jin, Lee Do-yoon, and Park Jung-hyun have filled the void admirably. There’s no urgency for Ha to play right now.

Coach Choi Won-ho said, “First, we need to get a feel for Ha Joo-seok in the second team so that we can say, ‘He can play in the first team. And secondly, we need to see the situation in the first team. Right now, Lee Do-yoon is doing a good job. I think we should call him up at a time when he’s in a slump, or when the overall team atmosphere is down. For now, the most important thing is to make sure that Ha is ready.”온라인카지노

He continued, “If we had a problem at shortstop in the first team and the team’s mood was down and we needed some kind of event, we would have to call him up quickly. But that’s not the case, so we’re going to take our time and see how the team and the shortstop are doing and then make a decision. I can’t say when I’m going to call him up,” he emphasized.

It’s clear that Ha is needed by Hanwha. However, at this point, it seems unlikely that he will be called up to the first team right away, even if he is fully prepared in the second team. The situation and flow of the first team is more important than the individual player. Given Hanwha’s recent form, Choi Won-ho may not be in a hurry to call up Ha Joo-seok.

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