In the end, the ‘miracle’ did not happen… Australia’s first WBC quarterfinal advance, Korea 1R elimination ‘humiliation’

 Australia, which the Korean World Baseball Classic (WBC) team was most wary of, got a ticket to the quarterfinals. As a result, Korea and the Czech Republic, which had been aiming for odds with ‘number of cases’ until the end, finished all their schedules in the first round.

The Australian national team won 8-3 against the Czech national team in the 4th game of the 2023 World Baseball Classic Group B group stage held at the Tokyo Dome in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan on the 13th and secured a ticket to the quarterfinals.

The match between Australia and the Czech Republic on this day was very important to Korea as well as the countries playing the match. Depending on the outcome of the match between Australia and the Czech Republic, Korea could have a chance of advancing to the quarterfinals. From Korea’s point of view, if the Czech Republic defeated Australia after scoring at least four runs, they could step on the stage of the quarterfinals after twists and turns. But there were no miracles or incidents. Australia has secured their advance to the quarterfinals without difficulty.메이저사이트

Australia caught the flow at the beginning of the game. In Australia, with no runners in the first inning, Alex Hall pulled an 86.3 mile (approximately 138.8 km) changeup in the middle of Australian starter Martin Schneider’s strike zone and fired the first solo home run that went over the right fence. Afterwards, both teams continued the development of a tense pitcher battle based on the outfielders’ hobi parade. But the 3rd time was balanced.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, the lead hitter, Pert Zima, hit and got on base for the Czech Republic. Then, to break the flow, Australia lowered starter Jack Oloclean and put in Mitch Nunnborn. However, Nurnbon struggled with his first ball and began to fire a series of wild fights, and Eric Sogard hit a timely hit to tie the score in the second out, first and third base, which was created by Wojtek Mensik’s walk.

After that, the game, which once again drew a streak of 0, went to Australia. Australia had a chance to score in the top of the 7th inning with a hit by lead batsman Robbie Glendining and a walk by Aaron Whitefield. And Logan Wade attacked Marek Minarik’s 4th pitch changeup of the Czech Republic and exploded a 2-RBI double that hit the right wall, widening the gap to 3-1.

Australia clearly took the win in the 8th attack. In the top of the 8th inning, Ulrich Boyarski got a walk and the leading batter came alive. And in the first and third bases, which were made by follow-up hitter Tim Kennelly, Hall hit a two-run triple to the right field and ran away to 5-1, and Glendining made a timely hit that put a wedge in the winning game.

The Czech Republic did not give up until the end. In the bottom of the 8th inning, Voytek Mensik hit and Sogard hit a surprise bunt to get the first and second base chances, and Marek Klopp brought both runners home to close the gap. However, in the top of the ninth, Australia added two runs, and ended the bottom of the ninth without conceding a run.

[Australia is delighted after winning 8-7 in the match between Korea and Australia at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the afternoon of the 9th. Photo = Tokyo (Japan) Reporter Yoo Jin-hyung]

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