Indonesian tank Asnawi, who went up and down the touchline, will be used as a leftback?

In the first game in the Jeonnam Dragons uniform, Asnawi left a pretty decent impression on the home fans. Although he has his flaws, he ran the pitch showing off his unique reckless moves.

Jeonnam, to which Asnawi belongs, lost 0-1 against FC Anyang in the first round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023, which took place on the 1st at 1:30 pm at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium. Jeonnam had a fierce confrontation throughout the match, but they lost unfortunately, conceding a goal to Jonathan, the goal scorer of Anyang, right before the end of the match.

However, aside from the results, it was a game where we were able to see a lot of positive aspects. Jeonnam hosted the largest number of paid home spectators in the opening round of the K League 2 and competed in a heated atmosphere. Fans reacted enthusiastically to the play of Jeonnam players who competed with more aggressive game management than last year.

The atmosphere is also very well received for the changes of the players who move around the pitch. The player who received the most attention was attacking midfielder Valdivia. As an attacking midfielder, Valdivia served as a key player, cleverly managing the game with sharp passing and intelligent depressing. There is another player who has attracted as much attention as Valdivia, and it is Asnawi, a former Indonesian national team member. Asnawi played full-time as a right wingback in a 3-4-3 formation. Manager Lee immediately appointed Asnawi as a sense of power, as he had declared before the season.

It was a little dull, but it showed a very reckless side. He diligently went up and down the right touch line and contributed to the defense. In the counterattack situation, without fail, he turned around and ran behind Plana and Park Seong-gyeol, who were the right wings, and attempted overlapping. 먹튀검증

Of course, there are improvements. On this day, despite many attempts to participate in the attack, Asnawi was unable to provide many effective attacking chances to his teammates in front of the goal. I diligently tried to penetrate the space to try a cross following overlapping, but I couldn’t create a scene where the actual attempt was made.

On the defensive side, problems were revealed. From the mid-to-late half of the first half, Anyang persistently bit into the space behind Asnawi, and this was because the space between Asnawi and Go Tae-won, who played as a three-back right center back, was quite open. It seems that not only Asnawi’s defensive backup efforts, but also the active support of his partner Ko Tae-won should be made. Fortunately, the right side, which Asnawi was responsible for, gradually began to fill the loopholes in the second half. Asnawi displayed a unique combative play, and he created several scenes in which he broke the opponent’s flank attacks with sharp tackles.

At the post-game press conference, coach Lee said, “Kim Soo-beom, who should be playing right wingback, is resting due to an injury. Asnawi has to compete, and I hope they win.” He showed a positive side in terms of mobility.”

Coach Lee is also calculating to give Asnawi a new assignment. He is contemplating whether to use it as a left-back rather than a right-back, which is his main position. He is contemplating whether to equip underwrapping as one of the attacking options in order to maximize Asunawi’s unique reckless attack-participation play. Regardless of success, this is a point where you can see Asnawi’s status in the team. Asnawi is not simply a player for Southeast Asian marketing. He is regarded as a player who will be responsible for one axis of Jeonnam’s tactics.

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