‘It can’t be better than this…’ The environment is perfect, all that remains is to recreate MVP glory

Kim Jae-hwan (35), the 4th hitter of Doosan, predicted a rebound with less pressure.

Prior to the 2022 season, Kim Jae-hwan signed a free agent contract with the original team Doosan for a total of 11.5 billion won over 4 years. However, the first year of his contract was below expectations. Due to a chronic knee injury, he was sluggish with a batting average of 0.248, 23 homers, 72 RBIs and an OPS of 0.800 in 128 games. He hit 20 home runs for three consecutive years, but his 23 home runs last year were below expectations.

Since then, Doosan has appointed ‘national hitter’ Lee Seung-yeop as the new head coach. Director Lee Seung-yeop’s appearance can be of great help to Kim Jae-hwan. This is because they know Kim Jae-hwan’s erotic matters more than anyone else.

Afterwards, the interview between manager Lee Seung-yeop and Kim Jae-hwan, which was released on the club’s YouTube channel Bear Stevie, became a hot topic. At the time, coach Lee said, “The team had 101 home runs. If the fourth hitter had hit 40, it would have gone up to 130.”

The command tower’s reprimand served as an opportunity to awaken Kim Jae-hwan.

On the 2nd, we met at the Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia, a spring camp site, and brought up the story of the 40th home run coach Lee Seung-yeop said. Just then, director Lee Seung-yeop passed by the place where the interview was being held to have lunch. At the same time, when his story came out, he cleared his throat and passed by. 메이저사이트

Kim Jae-hwan, who laughed for a moment, said, “I think the coach’s wish is my wish.”

Once the environment has changed. He handed over the captain’s seat to Heo Kyung-min, relieving some of the burden. In addition, hitting coach Koji Goto, who hit 44 homers in 2018 and helped him win MVP, is back. And that year, Yang Eui-ji, who supported Kim Jae-hwan in the 5th spot, also made a comeback.

The year with good memories and the situation became the same. Only Kim Jaehwan needs to do well.

He said, “A lot of things are going in the good direction, so I try to think positively. I will also talk a lot with Coach Goto in Australia. He is a coach with whom I can communicate well. Coming here, I’m happy that I have someone I can talk to about the difficult parts. Even when I was in NC, I met and contacted him often. Now that I see him every day, it’s better.”

The physical condition is not bad either. Jaehwan Kim underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow in October of last year and devoted himself to his rehabilitation. It was not a normal bone fragment removal surgery, but a surgery to shave the overgrown bone. Because of this, his operation time was short and the rehabilitation period was not long. So Jaehwan Kim is recovering quickly and is digesting his spring camp normally.

Kim Jae-hwan said, “The director and coaches are worried about me, but my condition is very good compared to that. In fact, it was worse before the surgery.” It was really simple. There is no player who did not come back after this surgery. I did it because the surgery was not a problem for the spring camp.”

His defensive training is also digested normally. He explained, “I don’t need to rush the throwing training right now, so I’m adjusting it, but I’m doing the rest of the training the same.”

Kim Jae-hwan’s goal for this year is, of course, a personal rebound, but most of all, the team is to rise to the top again. Doosan has advanced to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years from 2015 to 2021, but has not been able to do it for three years after winning the championship in 2019. Kim Jae-hwan expressed his determination briefly and boldly, “The goal is to win.”

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