“It will be resolved by May” Day One, ‘shepherd’s club’ will remove the stigma… KBL “Wait for now”

 It is said that it will be resolved in May. However, I am worried that I have never kept my words until now.

The team name has been changed, but there are still question marks in the management of the club. KBL (Korea Professional Basketball Federation) held a board meeting at 8:30 in the morning of the 2nd at the KBL Center. The main agenda was the name change of Goyang Carrot.

The main body of Carrot operation is Day One Sports. Currently, due to financial difficulties, players and officials have been underpaid for several months. Since the support of the parent company was cut off, it was reeling from financial difficulties from the middle of the season.

Carrot, who was the naming sponsor, wanted to end the contract. As the word continued to come out as a club without money, the publicity was rather negative.

Eventually, with the approval of the KBL board of directors, the name was changed to Goyang Day One Jumpers.

Until now, nothing has changed except the name. Day One invests in the club or is looking for a new owner to take over.

Currently, Day One’s salaries are overdue and various debts are accumulated. Although some companies showed interest at first, they shook their heads at the takeover.

We have been looking into relocating to Pohang for several months, but there has been no concrete progress. Companies are expressing their disapproval after hearing Day One’s acquisition conditions and debt size.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

KBL waits until May. We are preparing for the unexpected.

It is difficult to intervene in the management of the club right now. As Day One is looking for a way to live on his own, we decided to give him a little more time. However, if the situation remains sluggish after May, then another board meeting will be held to take follow-up measures.

KBL’s consignment operation among some fans is not considered. It is clearly one of several scenarios. It’s by far the worst.

Day 1 promises to pay all the overdue salaries of the team and normalize the club’s operation by the end of May. However, not many fans believe this. This is because he has broken his promise several times, starting with the payment of the KBL membership fee. The image of a ‘shepherd team’ was strongly embedded in the image of a ‘shepherd boy’ who often lied.

KBL is also nervous. If Day One’s financial difficulties continue even after May, then the board of directors has no choice but to intervene.

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