‘It’s cool, Myeong-geun! You’re 19 right?’ NC center batting line sleepy guts…LG Park Myeong-geun perfect pitching for two days in a row

 ‘You’re cool, Myung-geun’ The veteran catcher looked at the 19-year-old rookie who led the team to victory with perfect pitching for two days in a row.

LG Twins side arm pitcher Park Myeong-geun, who recorded his first win in his professional debut the day before and his first save in his professional debut the next day, performed brilliantly and repaid manager Yeom Kyung-yeop’s trust with results. The LG Twins gave up all three weekend matches to the KIA Tigers and went on an expedition to Changwon.

Changwon NC Park on the 2nd, where the first game of the three-week series was held. LG, where provisional starter Lee Ji-gang blocked the NC lineup with 2 runs until the 5th inning, and the fielders tied the score. In a tight 2v2 situation, Yeom’s choice was Park Myeong-geun.

Park Myung-geun’s first opponent on the mound in the 6th was NC batter Park Min-woo. Park Myeong-geun, who beat the batter’s bat with his first pitch by inserting a 147km fastball into his body, handled picky hitter Park Min-woo with one ball.

After that, 4th hitter Park Kun-woo ended up with a full count match, and 2nd base grounder, 5th batter Kim Seong-wook struck out on a swing and showed 1 inning perfect pitching against the NC centered lineup. The hyungs cheered up the youngest’s strong fighting spirit. Captain Oh Ji-hwan’s come-from-behind hit in the 7th inning and catcher Park Dong-won scored an extra point with a hit ball, giving rookie Park Myung-geun his first win in his professional debut.

Park Myung-geun, who had a calm expression even in his first win in his professional debut, had a bigger accident the next day.

A situation where LG was leading by 2:1 and 1 point. When Ko Woo-seok, who was always in charge of the 9th episode, was missing, coach Yeom took out his Park Myeong-geun card.

Rookie Park Myeong-geun, who was on the mound two days in a row, threw the ball boldly as catcher Park Dong-won signed without showing any signs of nervousness. Park Myeong-geun had to keep the one-point lead. As a joke of fate, I had to deal with the NC centered lineup the same as the day before.안전놀이터

Against third hitter Park Min-woo, left fielder flies with two fastballs and change-up balls. In the match with hitter 4 Park Geon-woo, he threw a 148 km outside fastball in 2B 2S and made the bat go wrong. Park Myung-geun, who was the last hitter, threw two fastballs into center field, and Park Myung-geun was not very happy even when he made his first save in his professional debut.

Park Myeong-geun finished the game with an expression of ‘It’s done’ by tapping his glove indifferently. Rather, his brothers were more pleased. First baseman Austin, who ran first, opened his arms and hugged the rookie warmly, and Min-seong Kim handed the ball to center fielder Hae-min Park and brought him a commemorative ball for his first save. Captain Oh Ji-hwan also smiled as he looked at Park Myeong-geun, the youngest player who led the team to victory with perfect pitching for two days in a row at an important moment.

Veteran catcher Park Dong-won also generously praised the youngest, Park Myeong-geun, who showed off a bold pitching with a happy expression. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop also smiled brightly after a long time after patting the head of Park Myeong-geun, who reciprocated his trust with a definite result.

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