Jang Seul-gi of ‘Belho Key’, “I was scolded by the director. I keep getting scolded so I can’t even remember”

Jang Seul-gi, who plays a big role as a multi-player at Colin Bellho, confessed that the players were very scolded at halftime against Zambia.

The Korean women’s national soccer team, led by coach Bell, beat Zambia 5-2 in the first round of evaluation held at the Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 7th. While Lee Geum-min and Cho So-hyun each scored two goals, Park Eun-seon also scored a goal as a substitute in the second half. It is Belho who scored three goals in the second half and won a come-from-behind victory.

Jang Seul-gi, whom I met at the joint coverage area after the game, said that he was scolded at halftime, saying, “The most memorable remark was that we shouldn’t play for the audience, but for ourselves. It meant not to play football that makes the audience look good.”온라인카지노

Then she laughed, “I kept getting scolded. I can’t remember (what I heard). I got scolded too much.”

Belho possessed the ball until around the 25th minute of the first half and strongly punished Zambia. It was to the point where Zambia’s attack didn’t work out properly. However, after center back Lim Seon-joo was injured, the team faltered, conceding two goals. Director Bell rebuked this part.

After Park Eun-sun was put in in the second half, it was Bellho who reversed the atmosphere and ended up reversing. Three months before her World Cup, she got a good grade in the mock exam.

Hana Jang Seul-gi said, “Even if we lose, we prefer to play on our own. We won, but it was a pity that we couldn’t integrate into the first half formation. We need to prepare better in the second game and prepare overall.”

Although it is a Belho that appoints one player to multiple positions, Seulgi Jang has always played this role since the beginning of the Bellho. He is a fullback and wingback as well as a central midfielder.

Jang Seul-gi said, “No matter what position you are, you are told a lot to go forward. He says the same thing to never back pass and to do it with confidence and high intensity.”

When asked if he felt real that the World Cup was coming up in three months, he said, “(I feel it) because the coach made it more intense.”

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