‘Jeong Joon-won bloomed between the main players’ 4P 3R praises from director Kim Sang-shik

 Jung Joon-won’s performance is nothing more than welcome to coach Kim Sang-sik, who predicted the appointment of a sixth man for EASL (East Asian Super League).

In the 2012 rookie draft, Jung Joon-won wore the uniform of Incheon Etland (currently Gas Corporation) in the 2nd round and 4th place, and then went through Seoul SK and Changwon LG, but did not show much activity. However, in his last two seasons at Wonju DB, he showed off his presence with quick attacks based on quick feet, and moved to Anyang KGC ahead of this season.

KGC did not show a unique presence, but when he participated, he moved actively, such as fast attack and defense. In the match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 26th, Jung Jun-won recorded 4 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal in 16 minutes and 4 seconds. His record may be a bit insignificant, but he filled the void of the starting pitcher and showed hustle play that did not spare him.

Jung Joon-won preoccupied KOGAS’ goal in the second half of the third quarter, and easily scored his first goal after receiving Byun Jun-hyeong’s pass. Then, after Omari Spellman’s block shot, when his ball fell to the sideline, he slashed his body to save the right to attack. 8 minutes and 39 seconds before the end of the game, he broke through the defense of Devon Scott and Cha Rock with his quick feet and scored a breakthrough. 3 minutes and 4 seconds ago, he read Jung Hyo-geun’s pass and won the ball, helping Byun Jun-hyung to break through.

After the game, coach Kim Sang-sik said, “Jung Jun-won came in as a substitute, and he played well in defense and fast-paced. (Park) Ji-hoon’s knee is not serious, but he had pain, so he appointed Bae Byeong-jun and Jung Joon-won,” he said, leaving a reason for appointment and praise. 먹튀검증

Jung Joon-won also filled the vacancy of Lens Abando. Abando was caught on the screen and defended a step late, and the rest of the cover was inevitable. In a situation where physical strength consumption increased, Jung Jun-won played his role in defense on behalf of Abando.

KGC departed for Japan on the morning of the 27th to participate in the EASL (East Asian Super League), played a match against Taipei Fubon Braves (Taiwan) in Utsunomiya on the 1st, and San Miguel Beermen (Philippines) in Okinawa on the 2nd. pay In a schedule where saving his stamina was important, Jung Joon-won reduced the burden on the rest.

Head coach Kim Sang-sik is preparing various mercenary techniques such as sixth man and triple post ahead of EASL. Jung Jun-won’s play was even more welcome in a situation where it was predicted that he would frequently employ sixth men such as Bae Byung-jun, Yang Hee-jong, and Jung Jun-won.

Attention is focusing on what KGC will show in EASL, with a solid starting lineup and the strength of a sixth man such as Jung Joon-won.

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