‘Junsu Lim of Dankook University?’ Injun Song, “I want to do well in defense and rebounding”

 “I want to do well in offense, but I want to be really good at defense and rebounding.”

Dankook University, which advanced to the semifinals in the University Basketball League and the MBC National University Basketball Championship last year, is conducting winter training in Pyeongchang, Kangwon National University, to achieve comparable results in 2023.

This year’s performance will be determined by how well the vacancy left by Cho Jae-woo (Carrot) and Yum Yu-seong (Korea Gas Corporation), who were the core of the power, are filled.

One of the players who will keep the Dankook University goal in place of Cho Jae-woo is Song In-joon (193cm, C). Although he is short, he is a strong and athletic player. During his time at Daejeon High School, he was faithful to dirty work such as defense and rebounding, and created shooting opportunities by putting screens firmly on his teammates.

After entering Dankook University, there were not many opportunities to participate because Cho Jae-woo was holding on. In last year’s College Basketball League, he recorded 2.3 points and 1.5 rebounds in 12 games, averaging 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

Song In-joon, who we met after completing all training on the 5th, said, “I started training right after the New Year, and a lot of new students (6) came in, and the atmosphere was refreshed, and a team was created before adapting to the season. I am excited and train hard,” he said of the winter training atmosphere.

Song In-joon, who has experienced college basketball for the past two years, said, “Jo Jae-woo hyung’s seat was great. I played as (Cho Jae-woo’s) backup player, and his heart raced because of the heat of basketball. He originally likes basketball, but he became hotter while playing in the league.”

Song In-jun, who is walking the path of a full-fledged basketball player in his first year of high school, said, “There was a big difference between high school and college. In high school, if it was for the purpose of entrance exams, college basketball was like playing real basketball before entering the real world and going pro.”

When asked if his skills improved while experiencing college basketball, Song In-joon said, “The offensive part is still very difficult. When he entered college, he played defense for the first time on a team. Dankook University did a lot of counterattacks based on defense, and pursued quick basketball after rebounding, so I learned a lot of these things. He also played a lot of 2-on-2. In particular, he learned a lot on defense. He felt the importance of defense and rebounding a lot.”

Instead of Jo Jae-woo graduating, Gil Min-cheol (196cm, C) joined as a freshman.

Song In-joon first expressed his gratitude to Jae-woo Cho, saying, “I am grateful that Jae-woo hyung, who was in the same position, taught me a lot and helped me for two years.” I have to establish myself like Jaewoo hyung, but it’s nice that Mincheol is here. He’s a reliable center, and he’s a good player. I also welcomed Min-cheol Gil’s admission, saying, “I think I can grow together with Min-cheol through sports and defense and rebound training.”

Gil Min-cheol is also Song In-joon’s junior at Daejeon High School.

Song In-jun said, “I am lacking, but college basketball is different (from high school basketball), and there is also a team color that Dankook University pursues, so I tell (Kil Min-cheol) a lot of that. It helps me adapt well.” 스포츠토토

On the 5th, Song In-joon spent more time on the bench during practice games against Songdo High School and Naksaeng High School. However, he was just as busy as any player on the court. He spoke loudly throughout the game, conveying the play or cheering voices that players on the court should do.

Even in men’s professional basketball, these players often attract attention. A representative player is Lim Jun-su of Korea Gas Corporation. To infuse the team with energy, KOGAS coach Yoo Do-hoon tries to take Lim Jun-su to away games even if he does not play. Lim Jun-su, like Song In-jun, was from Daejeon High School.

Song In-jun said, “It is a team that either plays or not. He thinks that players on the bench and players running the game should be of the same mind. Keep yelling and talking. Today (5th), my throat was hoarse (laughs)” and “If I do that, when I enter the game later, when I hear my colleagues, seniors, and juniors talk to me, I get strength too. I don’t run, but I recognize that and talk with the heart of running together.”

How he spends the next two years will determine Song In-joon’s basketball life.

Song In-joon said, “In his freshman and sophomore years, he played less time, but he tried to play good defense and rebound. This time, I want to unite together, attack a little, and play basketball with other players. In his mind, he wants to be good at offense, but he wants to be really good at defense and rebounding.”

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