“Key player” Lee Seung-yeop’s man, the fourth hitter… I believe in 224 home runs 

“He is a key player in hitting. I think Doosan’s team hitting and team home runs will increase only when Kim Jae-hwan shows a good performance.”

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop has talked about this several times. He emphasized it once again ahead of the exhibition match against KIA in Gwangju on the 18th. There have been many batters who have missed out over the years, and in the end, the idea that the number 4 and the leading hitter should hold the center remains unchanged.

Such Kim Jae-hwan is preparing hard for this season after overcoming the sluggish performance last year. During the inauguration ceremony for coach Lee Seung-yeop last fall, the conversation between Lee and Kim Jae-hwan, which was released on the club’s YouTube channel, became a hot topic. Director Lee’s sincere counseling about Kim Jae-hwan’s candid blow troubles Doosan fans.메이저놀이터

Director Lee explained that after that, Kim Jae-hwan sweated a lot with batting coach Koji Goto at the spring camp in Sydney, Australia. He said, “I didn’t have time to intervene” while talking about this at the spring camp arrivals hall. Kim Jae-hwan seems to have changed his batting rhythm and balance this season.

Coach Lee said, “Since the start of the demonstration game, I haven’t been at bat much. His neck rose slightly. He has been aware of the problems on his own since the camp and has been working hard. He was originally a player with a lot of practice. He seems to be trying to improve, and he is still in the process. He’s trying to get closer to perfection. He needs to get up to speed quickly. The important thing is the opening match.”

Until this day, he was hitless in 6 at-bats in 3 games. Coach Lee said, “It seemed like they were testing various things during the demonstration game. There was a part where I changed my mind, but I need to make it perfect. Anyway, he is a key player in hitting. I think Doosan’s team hitting and team home run will increase only when Kim Jae-hwan shows a good performance.”

Kim Jae-hwan scored a series of hits against KIA starter Adonis Medina in the first and second at-bats of the day. In the first inning, the first RBI was a heavy hit, and in the third inning, it was a right-center hit. He turned the bat effortlessly and effortlessly. Both were well hit balls.

Kim Jae-hwan is an experienced hitter who is recording 224 home runs in his personal career. At the age of 35, it is not yet time for his batting graph to sharply decline. If Kim Jae-hwan lives, Doosan lives, and if Doosan lives, director Lee Seung-yeop lives. If coach Lee directly gives batting instruction to Kim Jae-hwan, that might be the worst situation. At this point, director Lee is quietly cheering for Kim Jae-hwan’s revival.

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