Kim Joo-hyung, sponsored by Nike

Golf big hand… Elevated Proof of ValueThe stock price of 21-year-old Kim Joo-hyung, who has emerged as a “hit card” on the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour, is soaring day by day. He signed a contract with Nike, which sponsors the world’s best athletes.

On the 3rd, Kim Joo-hyung posted a video wearing a hat and a competition suit with the Nike logo on his SNS. The location where the video was taken is the Kapalua Plantation course in Maui, Hawaii, where the PGA Tour New Year’s Opening Sentry Tournament of Champions will be held for four days from the 6th. Kim Joo-hyung is participating in this competition for the first time. Joohyung Kim wrote under the video, “I’m excited about a new journey.” 토토사이트

Kim Joo-hyung played under the CJ logo until last year, but his contract was terminated at the end of last year. Kim Joo-hyung, who did not renew his contract, seems to have signed with Nike in a flash.

It is significant that Kim Joo-hyung signed a sponsorship contract with Nike. Nike is considered a ‘big hand’ in the golf world. He does not allow logos other than the Nike logo to be worn from head to toe. He guarantees a large sum instead.

Just by looking at the faces of the players sponsored by Nike, you can see how highly the US sports marketing market values ​​Kim Joo-hyung’s future value. Nike signed Tiger Woods (USA) as soon as he debuted on the PGA Tour in 1996. He was given $40 million over five years. In 2001 he re-signed for 5 years for $100 million, and in 2006 he signed a 7-year contract. Nike is supporting not only Woods, but also world No. 1 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), Scotty Scheffler, and Brooks Koepka (above the United States).

Meanwhile, Kim Joo-hyung starts the match in the same group as Jordan Spieth (USA), who won 13 PGA wins in the first round of the Sentry Tournament of Championship.