KPGA Champions Tour “Full-fledged base expansion”

The Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Champions Tour, the ‘stage of eternal active players’, seeks to expand its base.

On the 5th, KPGA said, “We are planning to increase the size of the Champions Tour this season,” and expected that “a large number of former stars will be dispatched.” The Champions Tour was founded in 1997. It is divided into a Senior Tour for those aged 50 and older and a Grand Senior Tour for those aged 60 and older. This year, Choi Sang-ho, Choi Kwang-soo, Jo Chul-sang, Park Nam-shin, Kim Jong-deok, Shin Yong-jin, Kang Uk-soon, Seok Jong-yul, Park No-seok, Park Do-kyu, and Mo Chung-kyung are active. In the new year, Heo Seok-ho and Jang Ik-je were qualified. Choi Kyung-ju and Yang Yong-eun, who are playing on the PGA Champions Tour, also have domestic seeds. 메이저사이트

The prospects for the senior tour are bright. There were 11 competitions in 2020 (950 million won), 13 competitions in 2021 (1.15 billion won), and 13 competitions in 2022 (total prize money of 1.4 billion won). Year after year, the number of competitions and prize pools are increasing. The number of broadcast competitions and average ratings are also noteworthy. In 2020, only 4 competitions were broadcast, but this increased to 6 in 2021 and 7 in 2022.

The player base has also grown thicker. From the Champions Tour Qualifying Tournament (QT) in March last year to the Korea Senior Open Golf Championship, the final match in August, 3,402 people played. It was found that the champions tour’s title sponsor advertisement effect, which requires a small operating cost, is also high. KPGA promised, “There are still high mountains to overcome,” but “we will do our best to support the tour’s quantitative and qualitative growth.”