KPGA Taeho Kim, former national representative, signed a sponsorship contract with LS Group

KPGA Taeho Kim, a former national representative, has signed a sponsorship contract with LS Group.

Marketing agency UMA (CEO Kim Young-je) announced on the 15th that LS Group and KPGA Kim Tae-ho held a sponsorship signing ceremony in the conference room of LS Group headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul.

Kim Tae-ho drew attention as a runner-up at the KPGA Korean Tour LX Championship in 2022. He is a player with rich experience who won 안전놀이터 the 14th Ho Shimbae Amateur Golf Championship in 2016 and won the national team career in 2017.

Kim Tae-ho said, “I am grateful to LS Group for highly appreciating my infinite potential. I am very happy to be with you as a member of a global company, and I will repay you with good grades in the future.”

An official from LS Group said, “I am looking forward to the 2023 season with a player with infinite potential.” <

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