Lebron’s question “The Lakers’ PO chance is 0.3%?”

After the opening, the result of 12 games was 2 wins and 10 losses.

The LA Lakers have been shaken from the beginning of this season. After the opening, they fell into a 5-game losing streak, and after that, they continued to lose as if they were eating rice.

The power of LeBron James and Anthony Davis has not been as strong as before. Above all, the health of these two players was a problem.

At that time, only a few predicted that the Lakers would advance to the playoffs. This is because the team was aging and showed no sign of a rebound.안전놀이터

The Lakers found a breakthrough with a trade. The Lakers’ weaknesses so far have been the lack of big wing resources and lack of shooters that combine defense, height, and outside shooting. Also, Russell Westbrook’s ups and downs were the team’s Achilles’ heel.

A trade solved all of this. They sent Westbrook and brought in resources to scratch the Lakers’ itch: D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Jared Vanderbilt and Louie Hachimura. In an instant, the player base grew thicker. Synergies with existing players such as Lebron, Davis, and Dennis Schroeder were shown, raising the performance at the end of the season.

After finishing the regular season in 7th place, they advanced to the play-in tournament. On the 12th (hereafter Korean time), they won the match against the Minnesota Timberwolves, ranked 8th in the West, after an extended game and confirmed the 7th seed in the West. From the 17th, we will play off the Memphis Grizzlies, who are second in the West.

Lebron wrote on the whiteboard in the locker room before the game, “2 wins, 10 losses. The probability of advancing to the playoffs is 0.32%.” “When we started the season 2-10, the pundits gave us a 0.32% chance of making the playoffs,” LeBron said after the win over Minnesota.

“I didn’t agree. I thought we still had a chance. We didn’t give up the championship. There was a big gap between the good times and the bad times, but in the end, we created our own chances. Tonight (12th) against Minnesota We showed it once again with the victory. We will always work hard to win.”

The Lakers’ unexpected advance to the playoffs. But LeBron is looking higher.

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