Lee Min-seong, who does not want to fall into the ‘temptation of numbers’, goes all-in for Daejeon

 “You only need to go to the goal.”

Lee Min-seong, director of Daejeon Hana Citizen, avoids the temptation of numbers. The numbers here are rankings.

Daejeon will play Suwon FC in the 12th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 10th. In the face-to-face match on April 9th, Daejeon lost 3-5 in a slugfest, so this match is a revenge match.

Before the match, Daejeon ranked 4th with 18 points and Suwon F ranked 6th with 15 points. If Daejeon gets 3 points, it is possible to rise to 3rd place, and if the opposite is true, it is possible for Suwon F to rise to 5th place.

Coach Lee said, “I want to win 1-0 (not 5-3),” showing his will to repay the pain of the last game with a victory.

Coach Lee’s idea is to never forget the status of the match against a promoted team. He said, “The ranking is not important. The match should go according to the goal. The current ranking will be given when it is over after that. It is not important now.”안전놀이터

Coach Lee thinks that although he received an amazing result after going through the first round robin, it is meaningless in the face of a new start. He emphasized that it is not time to rejoice yet, saying, “I think the difference in game management between players who have played in K League 1 for several years and players who have come up from K League 2 is huge. did.

Watching Gwangju FC, which was promoted together the previous day, lose 1-3 to FC Seoul, he said, “I don’t think Gwangju lost because they couldn’t play. He expressed his intention to focus on showing his performance.

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