Lee So-mi, who won 5 KLPGA wins, is a bird’s nest in Daebang Construction.

Lee So-mi (24), who won 5 wins on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, has made a new nest at Daebang Engineering & Construction.

Daebang Construction, which has sponsored Lee Jeong-eun (26) and Hyun Se-rin (21), announced on the 12th that it had signed a main sponsor contract with Lee So-mi. Along with this, Noh No-rim, a Korean-American who is active on the LPGA tour, will also compete in this year’s game wearing a hat from Daebang Construction. Details such as the contract amount were not disclosed. 온라인바카라

Lee So-mi, who has been active on the KLPGA tour since 2019, won her first win at the Hue & Care Women’s Open in 2020, followed by two wins in 2021 and two in 2022, recording her personal career of five wins. She is a strong player on the KLPGA Tour, maintaining top-level skills such as 7th in prize money rankings, 8th in grand prize points, and 7th in average at-bats.

Lee So-mi said, “I will do my best to grow with the golf team of Daebang Construction and show you a better image than before.”

Korean-American Noh Noh, who was ranked No. 1 in the US Junior Ranking, has been active on the LPGA Tour since 2020. Although she has not yet won a championship, she has competed in 23 tournaments in the 2022 season and passed the cut 20 times, showing steady results at 27th in the money list.

Kim Min-seon (20), who debuted as a rookie on the KLPGA tour this year, also signed a main sponsor contract with Daebang Construction.

Accordingly, as Lee So-mi, Noh-rim Noh, and Kim Min-seon joined Daebang Construction, the golf team increased to seven including Lee Jung-eun, Jeong Yeon-ju, and Hyun Se-rin, as well as Korean-Australian Oh Soo-hyun.

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