‘Let’s go overseas!’ Into the hot field training held for the first time in 3 years

As the COVID-19 has been resolved after 3 years, professional clubs have left for overseas training all at once.
Reporter Hyung-gyu Choi tells how the players will look after spending a long ‘hot winter’.

Kim Gwang-hyun throws the ball vigorously at the training ground where palm trees are visible against a cloudless clear sky.

Florida, USA, where the temperature rises to 27 degrees even in winter, is one of the best winter training grounds.

Kim Gwang-hyun is raising his senses in real life with SSG and WBC teammate Choi Jeong. 메이저사이트

▶ Interview: Kim Gwang-hyeon / SSG Landers Pitcher
– “(Going to the WBC) I’ll give you a good experience and reward you with good grades, so I’ll prepare well for the season and see you with a smile on my face.”

Arizona, USA, where various sports facilities are concentrated, is also a ‘good restaurant’ for field training.

The Hanwha team, which is in full swing at the super-large weight training gym, is sweating hard to wash away the disgrace of being in last place for three consecutive years.

‘Mock test with a strong team’ is also one of the main reasons for going abroad.

Ulsan, the defending champion in professional football, started their 2nd consecutive victory in Portugal against strong European players, while Jeonbuk will try to recapture the throne by quenching themselves in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Training is also training, but as it is a time to spend with colleagues like family, off-campus training is also a meaningful period to strengthen teamwork.

– “Happy birthday, happy birthday! My dear Jo Kyu-sung~ Happy birthday!”

With the ease of wearing masks, expectations for the opening of professional sports have increased more than ever.

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